Support for enterprises

Financial Relations enterprises include financial and economic matters arising as a result of cash flows and cash flows that are associated with the operation of funds.

Finance companies are the foundation of the financial system of the whole country.This enterprise is a main link in the economic complex of the state.They make the whole sphere of independent financial system.

in material production exist and develop various financial relations which differ in nature.They include such distinguished relatively homogeneous financial trends and monetary relations .This relationship between the founders to create the company and povrosam management of its property;between enterprises in the process of Intra-corporate distribution of funds;between parent companies and their departments to establish liability and financial incentives;between enterprises associated with production and its further implementation of (suppliers, customers, etc.);within certain financial and industrial groups, associations, holdings, which include the company;relations with employees (salaries, allowances, dividends, material assistance, as well as compensation for damage and taxes, between enterprises and the state at the time of payment of taxes and payments to the budget, providing benefits and paying the fines, between organizations and insurance companies, between companies andinvestors, etc. Monetary financial relationships arise in enterprises with foreign partners.

The largest by volume of these groups is the group relations between enterprises linked by common manufacturing processes, redistribution, selling products . This includes all financial relationsOrganizations with customers, suppliers, construction companies, transportation organizations, telegraph and mail, customs, foreign trade organizations, companies of foreign countries.

relations between enterprises of the group associated with the sale of products and the acquisition values ​​of tangible plan to support economic activity.The role of this group for the primary, since it is in its national income is created.It is in the field of manufacturing businesses are revenues and earnings.Financial relations in this field have a direct impact on the formation of the final results of operations.

Each of the above groups has its own special features and a separate scope.But all of them are characterized by a bilateral nature.They are the foundation of the movement in favor of money.Cash flows involved in the formation of the authorized capital, which begins with the circulation of funds, formation of funds, etc.

New financial relations are developing in the field of redistribution and capital formation in the merger and divisions of organizations.Financial relations include the processes of distribution and redistribution of subsequent domestic product and national income.Relationship occur in the making, use or distribution of the financial resources of individual enterprises.

The financial resources included all sources of funds available to the company.They are constantly in motion, served turnover.Finresursy expressed in the form of cash income, reserve funds, capital of the enterprise.

For financial relationships begin to exist in the process of circulation of funds in the form of cash flow generated by the different activities.All relationships in the field of finance are regulated by the state.