Retroflection cancer: causes, symptoms and treatment

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retroflexion of the uterus - is unusual bending of the uterus posterior, occurring in approximately 20% of women.This location is a pathology of the body, but do not always require treatment, has no characteristic clinical manifestations, but the attendant can be a pain, vaginal discharge, violations of the adjacent organs and menstrual function.In some cases retroflection uterine pictures which have pages of medical handbooks, can lead to infertility and miscarriage.

Uterus: normal location

Normally the uterus is located in the center of the pelvic organs in the cavity between the bladder and the colon.The bottom of it drawn up and anteriorly, and the neck facing downwards and anteriorly.The uterus is in this position is very mobile, its position can be freely changed depending on the content of others.Tonus, ligaments and muscles, abdominal and pelvic floor provide its normal position.

Under the influence of the various causes the uterus can be deflected backwards, changing proportions between the pelvic organs.The consequence of this arrangement becomes stretched ligaments holding it, which provokes the displacement and loss of internal genitals.

Types Bend uterus

several types retroflection:

- Mobile occurring due to lower tone of the myometrium or stretching muscles or ligaments.The uterus is tilted backwards without losing mobility.

- Fixed retroflection is a fully or partially fixed relative to the adjacent body.

Causes bend

Mobile retroflection uterus can occur due to:

- rapid weight loss;

- prolonged bed rest;

- irrational diet;

- the weakness of the myometrium and the weakening of the ligaments of the uterus;

- birth defects, postnatal infection;

- hard work;

- frequent abortions.

rise to a fixed retroflexion may cause:

- adnexitis - inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes;

- palvioperitonit - inflammation in any part of the peritoneum of the pelvis;

- endometritis - an inflammatory process that occurs in the inner lining of the uterus;

- Endometriosis - abnormal growth of the glandular tissue of the uterus beyond.

Any kind retroflection may arise from:

- prolonged lactation;

- inflammation of the rectum;

- frequent constipation;

- innate characteristics of the uterus;

- difficult the delivery;

- pelvic tumors;

- accumulation of blood in the space between the bladder and vagina.Symptoms of the disease

Mobile retroflection uterus is often asymptomatic and accidentally found during gynecological examination.Fixed bend accompanied by complaints of the patient on:

- irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding;

- pain and heaviness in the abdomen and sacrum;

- pain during sexual intercourse;

- frequent urination;

- constipation if peredavlivayutsya bowel loops.

retroflexion of the uterus during pregnancy can lead to the threat of interruption or end in miscarriage.However, early detection of problems and adequate therapy can help to overcome difficulties in conceiving or bearing and prevent future problems.

Pregnancy and retroflection

retroflexion uterus and pregnancy - this is not mutually exclusive concepts.The difficulty, of course, can occur but can conceive, moreover, in some cases, it is a condition allows the uterus take the correct position.It should also be noted that not the problem provokes a bend, although the sperm and harder to get to the place where the fertilization is carried out, and the disease that led to the retroflexion.So following the visit to a doctor to get rid of inflammation in the pelvic organs or the detection of adhesions undergo physiotherapy, fermentoterapii, mud therapy, pelvic massage.

important role in the bend of the cervix in case of desire to get pregnant plays posture during intercourse.The classic pose, when a man from the top, is not suitable for conception with this pathology.The best poses will:

- man on top of a woman who is lying on his stomach with a pillow under your hips;

- Bozeman posture.

It is in such poses the uterus takes the most approximate to the natural position and sperm get better access to the eggs.After the end of sexual intercourse is recommended not immediately jump up and lie down for half an hour on his stomach.Also recommended supine lift your legs up, supporting himself by the sides.Reported in this position should be for 5-10 minutes.

Mobile retroflection definitely will not be a barrier to conception.This diagnosis can be removed completely during pregnancy because the growing fetus and tyazheleyuschy and amniotic fluid to its pressure contributes to the rectification of the uterus.Pregnancy often develops normally, but the control of the doctor will be necessary until the baby is born.

How to diagnose cervical bend

Diagnosed retroflection quite simple - when viewed on a gynecological chair by a bimanual examination, in which the fingers of one hand gynecologist found in the vagina, and the second, he feels the uterus through the abdominal wall.This method of examination helps to establish and the kind of pathology.You can also take advantage and ultrasound or CT scan, if there is a suspicion of the presence of inflammation or tumors.

Therapeutic measures

retroflexion of the uterus, the treatment of which appoints and chooses only gynecologist is a treatable pathology.Treatment often is aimed at addressing the causes that led to the bend.Treatment

mobile retroflexion is manually reposition the body.Then it prescribes a course of physiotherapy, pelvic massage or the use of special pessaries.Prohibited after treatment lift or carry heavy weights.

for the treatment of diseases, leading to the emergence of a fixed retroflexion such as adhesions, inflammation or endometriosis are used:

- electrophoresis or phonophoresis;

- acupuncture;

- mud;

- fibrinolytic or anti-inflammatory drugs;

- vitamin and mineral complex;

- drugs, normalizing the overall hormones.

If adhesions are not amenable to medical or physical therapy treatment, it can be performed surgery, implying excision of adhesions.After that the woman appointed as the wearing of pessaries and is not permitted to deal with gravity.

retroflexion of the uterus - is a disease that develops due to various reasons, and often asymptomatic.To diagnose the pathology is easy, and should be treated comprehensively by adjusting the position of the body and eliminating the causes, initially led to the bend.