Drama Theater, Irkutsk scheme of the room.

Okhlopkova Drama Theatre (Irkutsk) there is not the first century.His repertoire is rich and varied.The theater holds festivals, creative workshops, literary evenings, charity balls.Also, everyone has the opportunity to visit the museum where you can see applets, costumes, decorations and posters of previous years.

History of theater

idea of ​​creating a theater came at the turn of 18-19 centuries.Irkutsk society craved this event.The Governor-General B. Letstsano patronized the opening of the theater in the city.He exercised his constant patronage.Drama Theatre (Irkutsk) received the status of a professional in 1850.Then the troupe of itinerant actors remained in the city to work on a permanent basis.A year later, for the theater was built, a trustee of the event was the Governor-General Nikolai Muravyov-Amur.The first performance was the play of the troupe "Russian people remember the good", written by H. Field - a native of Irkutsk.Director of the theater became AN ​​Pohvisnev.He was an officer i

n the Guards and playwright, his plays were staged at the Moscow and St. Petersburg scenes.The theater opened its doors to the great masters, such as PN Orlenёva, MI Petipa, VF Komissarzhevskaya and others. They were often here on tour.In 1967 the theater was named NP Okhlopkova.This outstanding director of the Soviet Union was beginning his career is at this stage of Irkutsk.In 1999, the theater received the title of "Academic" for his great contribution to the development of art and the great achievements.Two sites have Drama Theatre (Irkutsk) and the main chamber scene.Every evening the two halls filled with spectators, there is no free space.In recent years, the theater has been created and equipped with cabinet design.In it there are specialists who produce brochures, posters, programs.Theatre conducts educational activities.And here are conducted training courses for representatives of creative professions.In 2006, the theater received the award named after F. Volkov for his contribution to the development of art.Today, the director of this temple of Arts in Irkutsk is AA Streltsov - Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.Artistic director of the theater - G. Shaposhnikov.

theater building

Drama Theatre (Irkutsk) for the years of its existence has changed several buildings.The first buildings were made of wood.In 1897, it was built of stone.The building of the Irkutsk theater developed by VA Shrёret - the main architect of the theater at the imperial court.Strongly contributed to the construction of Governor Alexander Goremykin.The building was built according to the traditional scheme for theaters - tier.The interior decoration of the room amazing, the acoustics were perfect.Today, the building has the status of a monument of historical and cultural heritage of federal importance.In 1999, the reconstruction of the theater.


Drama Theatre (Irkutsk) offers its audience a repertoire varied.Here and time-tested and popular with the public authors such as S. Lobozёrov V. Gurkin, Razumovskaya, Ptushkina N., N. Kolyada, and so on.As well as new names, which opens the theater because holds a festival of modern drama.

Today in the repertoire:

  • «room of the bride."
  • «Alexander Nevsky in the Middle World."
  • «Cat's house."
  • «The Gambler".
  • «for a lifetime."
  • «Hamlet».
  • «A little tenderness."
  • «Eternally Alive."
  • «Boeing-Boeing, or dinner in French."
  • «Orpheus and Eurydice."
  • «Tomorrow Was the War".
  • «Romeo and Juliet."
  • «Marriage".
  • «wave of the wand in my volition".
  • «Sunset."
  • «Wolves and Sheep".
  • «The Rivals."
  • «Hallam-Bund."
  • «I - Joan Orleans."
  • «Eugene Onegin."
  • «Oles".
  • «From the heroes of yore."
  • «Three on a swing."
  • «Tartuffe."
  • «Elizabeth of Bam."
  • «Dog».

other interesting performances.


Drama Theatre (Irkutsk) to date is 61 actor.Among them, 3 People's Artist of Russia.

  • Vitaly K. Wenger.
  • Natalia V. Korolev.
  • Tamara V. Oleynik.

And 15 Honored Artist of Russia.

  • Sidorchenko VP
  • Buldakov AA
  • Dubakov NV
  • Soloninkin IP
  • Ravens YM
  • Ilyin AV
  • Slabunova L.T.
  • Gushchin GS
  • Mazurenko ES
  • Orekhov VS
  • Dvinskaya TV
  • Mylnikova KI
  • Dogadin SV
  • Panasiuc T..
  • Chirwa II

troupe is not only in Irkutsk, the artists are on tour in Omsk, Tomsk, Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, travel to other countries - Poland, Kyrgyzstan, the United States, Japan,Germany, Bulgaria and so on.

Project re

Drama Theatre (Irkutsk), in cooperation with law enforcement authorities conducting an experiment.Troubled teens at the time of suit to work.They work within a month in the garden theater, make decorations together with the artists even go on stage and participate in performances next to professional actors.Many young people are introduced to the theater for the first time due to the fact that there is such a project.The boys and girls are all different, someone immediately involved in the work, some for the first time, too lazy or afraid, refused, but eventually everyone enjoyed being drawn into the process.Teens say they like to chat with the artists and the theater to them much more interesting than school.This experience will help difficult boys and girls develop their intelligence, creativity, and for someone to play a decisive role in the destiny.The idea of ​​this project belongs to the director of the Irkutsk theater.Law enforcement agencies have supported it without hesitation.The problem of difficult teenagers in Irkutsk is very serious, in the city of more than 7000 and all should be employed for the summer period.Not every manager of the enterprise, company and so on will dare to take on the work, even temporarily, such a child, even if they have an urgent need for workers.A troubled teens who want to improve, feel that the society does not trust them, so does the Irkutsk Drama Theatre for their good work.Author of the idea of ​​the project hope that the experiment will live, and boys and girls will be able to feel full members of society.

Ticketing and address of the theater

on Karl Marx Street, at number 14 is located Drama Theatre (Irkutsk).The scheme is shown in the room pictured above.Anyone can online to book a ticket to the show on the official website of the theater.