How to make a convenient and comfortable accommodation.

Oddly criticize us one-room compact model apartment in brick floor buildings constructed forty or fifty years ago, no call them contemptuously "Khrushchev," and we live in them, and, despite its age, the house they idle on the streets yetvery long time.Moreover, the quality of construction of much better and more reliable than many of today's high-rise buildings.Therefore, to look at the typical one-bedroom apartment and try to build this space largely unsuccessfully planned "old lady" to meet modern standards and comfort.

What we see, going into an apartment?Small narrow corridor from which one side has a door to the WC, then the entrance to the fairly large 18-meter room with a large arched opening, there is a door to the kitchen.In some apartments, for luck, there is still kladovochku or "Temnushka" which can be converted into a dressing room.The modern design of a one-room "Khrushchev" in this case involves fundamental changes of space, its redevelopment aimed at two main objectives - to increase

the visual space and its functional redistribution.

Minor redevelopment one-bedroom "Khrushchev" is reduced to the demolition of walls between the bathroom and the kitchen, and the unification of the two spaces.Next is the zoning area, stands a small compartment for cooking, dining, living and sleeping area, a small work area.

Separate kitchen bay, where are the stove, refrigerator, overhead cupboards and work surface, from the main space of the room, you can use several methods.For example, in this case, the design of a one-room "Khrushchev" involves the construction of the bar, which will bring together into one partition function, the dining table and the bar for real and receive treats guests.The second option - a transparent partition made of glazed wooden frames, gratings.In this case, a cooking compartment is isolated that is much more convenient, for example, in terms of penetration of objectionable odor.A graceful, light and transparent structure will not look bulky.

design a one-room "Khrushchev" and the division of space into zones can be solved through a low podium, located on the opposite wall from the window.Catwalks provide a sleeping area, and if instead of a bed to host a sofa bed and a chair, the recreation area.The space under the podium used for the storage of different things, making convenient drawer.And the view that such a structure is too cumbersome and is not suitable for one-room apartment with low ceilings, false.The main thing in the construction of the podium right to determine its size.It should not be higher than 50 cm, and covers an area more than one-third of the room.

for visual extension of the space using a mirror and a hidden light.Hidden lights, located on the perimeter of the ceiling, visually lifted his mirror attached in front of the door or window, extends the room, filling it with light.

remodeling and design studio - "Khrushchev" - may be more complex and affect all areas, including the hallway and bathroom.For example, tear down the wall between the bathroom and the room, but instead of glass bricks to build a semi-circular glass wall.In this expanded area of ​​the corridor, which was turned into the hallway and rooms.Glass blocks - an amazing material, they offer excellent play of light, a wonderful texture, original contemporary decor, while not cluttering the space.However, the style of the rest of the premises must comply with this spectacular structure.

design a one-room "Khrushchev" in order to make a model of the space into a modern, unconventional and comfortable - troublesome.But to live in this room will be much easier and more enjoyable.