Diastasis recti after delivery: symptoms, treatment, photo

Women beauty is just as important as health, so any illnesses that have no better effect on the appearance, brings a lot of negative emotions the fairer sex.One of the most unpleasant diagnoses that can hear a woman after childbirth - a diastasis recti.This problem can spoil quite significantly weekdays young mothers.Therefore it is necessary to delve into its study.

The problem

Referring to such topics as diastasis recti after delivery, it is worth noting that this is a fairly common complication.Women undergoing childbirth, like the diagnosis is approximately 40% of cases.

directly diastasis itself is nothing other than the extension of the white line of the abdomen.Simply put, it is under a certain pressure during childbirth rectus abdominis just grow apart.Sometimes distancing distance can reach 10 cm, while the norm is 0.5-2 cm. This problem is related to the perinatal period, it is very relevant and is developing at the top.

How to recognize diastasis

expansion of the abdominal muscles, usually develops in the background of pregnancy and becomes noticeable after 2-3 months after birth.When there is a change in the normal background, connective tissue becomes more loose, as it is necessary to create the necessary conditions for a generic activity.

Diastasis recti signs is quite simple: first of all it is significant cosmetic defect associated with the protrusion of the abdomen.Although there are cases when women can lead an active life after birth, and to ignore the negative changes.In this state diastasis recti obvious signs may not be, but it will evolve, while remaining invisible.

The fact that the muscles have grown apart, may indicate discomfort, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, as well as belching, constipation and difficulty walking.If it so happens that we have to deal with a large diastasis, it is necessary to consider the following fact - a defect would lead to a pronounced functional impairment.It:

- decrease in contractility of the muscles of the abdominal wall;

- atrophy of the abdominal muscles;

- aponeuroses stretching and thinning;

- attenuation function abdominals.

Regarding the nature of the pain, it may vary significantly as the duration of the attack and the strength.

anatomy of the anterior abdominal wall

Diastasis recti after delivery - is a disease that will become clear only after learning the basics of the structure of the abdominal wall.It is known that on both sides of the white lines are paired rectus enclosed in a tight case (consisting of three broad lateral muscle and tendon sprains, they also aponeuroses).

directly itself white line starts at the xiphoid process of the sternum and extends to the pubic symphysis.In fact, this compound aponevrizm broad abdominal muscles.Wide top (2-2.5 cm) white line narrows in its lower part.In the case of connective tissue (aponevrizm) has an innate weakness, obtained as a result of stress during delivery may develop diastasis.


What is needed in order to determine the diastasis recti after delivery?Signs bearing the pain, can appear much later, so wait for them is not necessary.To identify the differences to pay attention to that part of the peritoneal wall, which is located midway between the xiphoid process of the sternum and the navel.

In this helps proven test that it is easy to do yourself: you must lie down with the foot must be pushed to the floor and his legs bent at the knees.Next, place one hand under his head and the other on your stomach and make it so that each finger was placed perpendicular to the white line in the umbilicus.When all is done, it is to completely relax your stomach, and then immersed in a soft movement of his fingers.

Thereafter, shoulders and chest is lifted as during classical exercise for the press.The next thing to do - is to start moving his fingertips along the white line.Thus it is possible to feel the edge of the medial straight muscles, they feel the difference (if any), as well as to measure its width.

Diastasis direct abdominal muscles after childbirth can be divided into three main stages:

- first: is characterized by a divergence between 5 and 7 cm;

- second: includes more than 7 cm distancing;

- the third stage is considered to be a large diastasis and inevitably leads to saggy stomach.

In order to create a competent prognosis of the disease is necessary to assess the state of the abdominal wall individually.

How to treat muscle discrepancy

Diastasis recti after delivery - this is quite a serious problem, so ignore it, letting the situation to drift, it is impossible.It confirms the idea that the extension does not pass on their own and without proper treatment is constantly progressing.

If it's good news is that this type of exposure to the disease, the operation is not always relevant.There are less drastic methods of treatment of such problems as diastasis recti.Exercise - one of the most effective ways to counteract the weakening without surgery.Doctors recommend that the road to recovery patients whose disease is in its infancy.

But a set of exercises and circuit training in general should be selected only by experienced instructor, who will take into account all the individual characteristics of a particular patient's condition during the postnatal period.It is necessary to clarify that physiotherapy will give the desired effect only if the diastasis is in its infancy.Then press quickly to strengthen and stretch will be neutralized.

If you have to deal with advanced stages of the distance, it makes sense to think about surgery.The goal of surgery is to eliminate diastase and qualitative strengthening of the problem area.

Diastasis rectus abdominis: exercise, reviews

If so happened that in the process of diagnosis was revealed stretching of the connective tissue, the exercise should be given special attention.Already in the first period after childbirth, women can afford to perform certain types of exercise.This could be, for example, so-called cat's posture, the purpose of which is to strengthen the press.Current can also be regarded as Kegel exercises.Attention is paid to the rotation of the shoulders, static stretching and abdominal breathing.If you rely on the opinion of doctors (and well worth doing), the most favorable period for the start of training will be after 6 weeks.There is another nuance that is taken into account when such a problem as diastasis recti after delivery: cesarean section (if it occurred) gives the structure of tissues.Therefore, when engaged in such labor is possible only after 10-12 weeks of the appearance of a baby into the world.

Do you have a postpartum diastasis recti?What is it and how to treat this pathology?To answer these questions, you should pay attention to the feedback of those who used a particular method of treatment.If you examine the views of women, faced with a similar problem, it can be concluded that in most cases the difference is in the rate stable through exercise.Importantly, do not be lazy and do everything the way you want.As for the more severe cases, you can restore the normal state is increasingly used endoscopic technique, has repeatedly proved its effectiveness.In any case, such a problem as diastasis recti after delivery, treatment involves only competent.Therefore, one of the main tasks - to find a good doctor.

Important features physiotherapy

women who have had an unpleasant encounter with a diagnosis like diastasis recti after delivery, exercise can give the best results if the process go correctly.First of all, while having to pay attention to your breath.It is important when performing each of the exercises in front of any power movement of the right to involve the stomach.For this to happen in a natural way, you can take the child's hand.In this case, it is utilized deepest transverse abdominal muscles that encircle the torso, and act as a corset.

It means a competent load on this complex, you can make the stomach muscles even while protecting the spine.As for the very breath, then the proper technique must be submitted if the transverse muscle function as a lift.The next thing to do - is to take a deep breath through your nose, thus inflating the abdomen is filled with air and light.Exhale through the mouth is doing, and while emptying imagine that muscles move upward.It is this position of the longitudinal muscles and should be maintained during strength exercises.For those who are concerned about the issue of "Diastasis recti - how to remove tension?", Similar techniques are very relevant.

Types of operations In order to provide effective influence on issues such as diastasis recti after delivery, which is in an advanced stage, surgical treatment.

There are several types of surgery used in modern medicine to neutralize the white line stretching:

- Nenatyazhnaya plastic, which employ a mesh prosthesis. With mesh made of synthetic material and fixed by the edges, completely covered problem area.The result is an interesting process: the connective tissue grows into the net (1-1.5 months), thereby forming a solid complex anatomy.After a time he does it becomes a strong connective tissue structure (2 mm thick), which are not afraid of more than tangible load.

- Tension plastic local tissues. In this case, the surgeon creates a structure consisting of tissue anterior abdominal wall.

In the current medicine such operations can be performed both by open and endoscopic techniques in using (no cuts).It is worth noting that endoscopic hernia repair - this is one of the safest and effective methods to eliminate this disease as diastasis recti after delivery.The treatment is performed using this technique, a number of tangible benefits:

- there are no visible scars;

- the risk of recurrence of the disease is reduced to a minimum (less than 1%);

- rehabilitation period is much shorter than in the case of an open surgery;

- pain is absent.

Availability of modern equipment in hospitals and clinics enables these operations with high accuracy.Therefore, in the fight against this problem as diastasis recti after delivery, the operation - one of the most effective solutions.

recovery period after surgery

If we consider this type of treatment is stretching the connective tissue as tension plastic, it makes sense to talk about a long period of rehabilitation after surgery.At that time, women are strictly prohibited to raise any objects heavier than 10 kg.In addition during the first three months of recovery will have to engage in sports, of course, in a moderate way.To do this, detailed study recommended at this problem as diastasis recti, exercise, and, of course, consult with a qualified physician.Also worth considering is the fact that for a considerable period of time the patient is incapacitated.

But if to eliminate diastase used minimally invasive technique, the woman will be able to seamlessly get out of bed the first day.However, the need to wear a special bandage, which will have to live for a month.Another good news is that after minimally invasive surgery the patient is allowed to leave the clinic the next day.Think of regular physical exercise is recommended after 14 days from the date of the transaction.But after 4-5 weeks you can go back to normal life.

methods of correction and prevention

If you examine such issues as diastasis recti after delivery, treatment, reviews about it and the possible consequences, it will be possible to draw a simple conclusion: the possibility of this diagnosis is better to avoid.The forums there are many messages from women concerned about this problem.Therefore, during pregnancy (and best of all up to it) should be given exercises to strengthen the diaphragm, the deep muscles of the back, all the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.The result will be achieved optimal intra-abdominal pressure, as well as to stabilize the lumbar spine.

In seeking an answer to the question: "Diastasis rectus abdominis, how to remove?"(reviews confirm this), it is important not to forget about those exercises that develop flexibility and flexibility of the anterior abdominal wall.Another important development - is a motion block has a strengthening effect on the musculature of the pelvic floor, which in turn serves as support bodies and prevents their displacement in the case of increased intraabdominal pressure.

Thus, the best way to avoid discrepancies muscles - is regular exercise before pregnancy.There are many systems that offer effective and safe exercises that can strengthen the press and prevent the weakening of connective tissues.But if a bad diagnosis will still be felt, then do not despair, stable training after delivery and competent care doctor can help neutralize the problem.