Prayer to bless the house.

Often human life compared with striped zebra.A good option - it is to reach the white band and go along, but more often the case that life throws from side to side, and sooner or later the person is "at or below the tail."How difficult it would either have to, all can survive if there is support for the family.But even if this does not add up, the last fortress of any man - is his own house.As bad as it was at work or with friends and, most importantly, to the house were the peace and tranquility that reigned in the family mutual understanding and respect, to grow up healthy and happy children.

When there is no power on their own to cope with all the adversity in bulk, the only salvation seem faith and prayer to bless the house.To request to be heard more quickly, you need to know who to call.Below are the names of saints, in whose power to help in the event of family difficulties.

whom and how to pray?

Few doubt the power of words, and that it is material.And if the force multiplied by faith, so consult with getting the word out to the right is holy, so you can be sure you will be heard.

to the house there was no scandal

One of the best is considered a prayer to bless the house, pointing to Agia Paraskevi.She was born in the 3rd century in what is now Greece is very decent and bogoposlushnoy family, and so it was named Paraskeva, which means "Friday".The girl grew up a pious, and it was a day in honor of Christ's passion.The still quite young age, she made a vow of celibacy, decided to devote his life to the great goal: to bring Christ to the faith of souls of the Gentiles, and for which he later paid with his life.They caught her and offered sacrifice to the pagan idol in return for their own liberation, but she refused.It is tied to a tree, long plagued with nails and then beheaded.The Orthodox considered icons of the Martyr Paraskeva able to protect the house from the family scandals and controversies.

Therefore, in the church prayer to preserve peace in the house and read it just before its icons with pre-lit candle.The prayer usually asked to protect the family, send a divine blessing and grace for friends and relatives, as well as contribute to the proper God-fearing lifestyle.

Prayer: the blessing of home and family living in it

to keep warm family relationships, it is recommended to turn their prayers to Saint Matrona of Moscow.She is the patroness of orphans and orphanages, empathizes with all the kids, cares about them, so it often asked to help educate them properly.

addition, Matrona of Moscow to direct their prayers people who need to find a job, to acquire their own housing.Unmarried girls asking her to send down to bless the bride and future marriage, and parents - to help find common ground in the child-rearing practices.

If the family breaks up due to lack of co-roof over their heads, then to save the unit of society, should be asked about this Matrona.Before you read the prayer to bless the house, the fact that the door entered his understanding, need to make a small alms: to feed a homeless person, an animal or bird black bread, biscuits, raisins, nuts, crackers, honey, flour or sugar.It is also possible before the icon Matrona (whether at home or in the church) to deliver a bouquet of carnations, chrysanthemums or lilac.

Prayer patrons happy family

Holy Trinity, which includes the Guri, Samon and Aviv, patron happy families, ensuring a long and happy marriage, peace and harmony between the spouses.Gury and Samonas were preaching Christianity in the city of Edessa, but unfortunately, in pagan times.They grabbed for it, offered to change the religion, and after refusing terribly mocked at them and killed them by cutting off their heads.

Many years passed, and in this city there was a Christian deacon-Aviv.Soon the emperor signed a document which was ordered deacon catch and burn.Aviv did not even try to hide, fearing that because it may be affected innocent people, with a prayer on his lips, he went to his own execution.If you believe the words of eyewitnesses, that his body, which later got out of the ashes, it was not touched by the fire.

prayer to bless the house, addressed to this powerful saint, will give the world peace and tranquility to all members of the household.

Prayer skhiarhimandrita

Vitaly Vitaly N. Sidorenko (1928-1992), better known as Schema-archimandrite Vitalii, brought great elders Glinsky desert.During his life he had visited, and a novice, a stranger and a holy fool, and a monk of the desert.The last years of his life in the church of Alexander Nevsky is located in Georgia.He stood out even against the background of the rest of the clergy its special obedience and humility.He knew how to cure human mental illness, had to deal with a demoniac.He never gave up: otmalival the Lord the most lost souls, asking the Almighty to forgive them.

last 23 years of his life he spent in Tbilisi.Dying, Schema-archimandrite Vitaly left his manuscripts mother, who was more than a quarter century, his spiritual son.Among other records was a prayer - amulet for the home.This prayer is recited over and over many times a day, while their home was bombed, precipitated searched.The mother came home to people in a bomb shelter, pray.Throughout the fighting in the Caucasus, and the house was in the middle of them, it does not hurt, while all around was destroyed and burned.

Since it is believed that the prayer to bless the house of the elder Vitali has enormous power and the ability to protect the home from fires, looting and other damage.

Secular Council

According to folk wisdom, "Trust in God, but also those who help themselves", should not rely only on the power of prayer and blame the Almighty if a miracle did not happen.First of all, each family member should do his best to help the preservation of the family hearth itself and warm family relations.God, seeing your efforts, by all means do all that they were not in vain.