How to make a thin waist fast?

What does every girl?She always wants to look attractive to their man.A standard appeal at all times was considered a thin waist.Therefore, the question of how to make a thin waist quickly, is topical today.

What do we mean when we talk about the waist?

Thin waist can be considered, which corresponds to the difference between growth and the number 100. For example, if your height is 175 cm, the waist should not be more than 75 cm. This is the easiest method of calculation.Although there are a few more, but they will not be considered.This option is quite enough to understand whether you need to think about how to make a thin waist fast.The help from diet and exercise.

gained a good habit

Teach yourself to do exercises every day, and the problems with the figure will be forgotten.Here is an example of a few very simple activities that will not take much time and effort, but you will quickly thin waist:

1. It is necessary to stand up straight with your feet wider than shoulder width.The

left hand is needed to bend at the elbow and wrist to lift the shoulder.Get your right hand behind your head and connect the left in the lock.The maximum bend down the left and Freeze for 15 seconds.Vypryamtes and follow the slope in the opposite direction.

2. From the same starting position of the hands to pull apart.In this bend of the elbow at an angle of 90 degrees.Hips remain stationary, and the case must be rotated to the right and left resilient movements three times.Perform 5-6 series of turns in each direction.

3. Lie down on the floor.One leg bent at the knee, the second - on top of it.Rotating through the body, raising the right or left shoulder.Make sure the blade is not the opposite off the floor.Run 15 turns in each direction.

4. Lie on your side.Prop up your head bent arm.With his other hand rest against the floor.Begin to raise outstretched legs up.Keep them together.Perform 10-15 lifts.

Exercise by Jennifer Lopez

stars are also thinking about how to make a thin waist fast.And they do it.The next exercise - by Jennifer Lopez, who recommends that you regularly perform training complex.We need to sit cross-legged, his hands raised to throw in the back.Begin to rotate the torso to the right and left (just 20 times).

Exercise for lazy

Exercise is called "vacuum."After that you will be able to do so, so that you have a small waist.For the week, of course, will not achieve the result, but it will appear.The movement can be done sitting in front of a TV, or working at the computer.We need to straighten your back and exhale as much as possible to involve the stomach.Count to 30 and relax.Run for 5 minutes daily.The result will be noticeable within a month.

little Finally

So, we told you how to make a thin waist fast and effective exercises already depends on you.It is understood that without regular exercise, you will not be able to achieve anything.And sorry for yourself is not acceptable, especially if hott buy gorgeous figure.