As the paper to make a spaceship to easily and quickly

Yielding charm of science fiction, the beauty of space research and unusual stories, almost all of us at some period of his life dreaming of becoming ever present cosmonaut researcher or cosmic depth.I wanted to fly around the Earth, landing on other planets, explore unknown worlds, just travel in the infinite void.However, children do not just dream, they embody the desire in the games.So, how to make paper out of the spaceship?


If you want to create a space ship, you can resort to two options.One of them involves the possession of the ancient art of folding paper outlandish figures, came from the mysterious Japan.Ships origami elegant, beautiful, easy to fold.Spacecraft of paper can also be done in another way: by drawing the layout, neatly folded and cut it using glue or adhesive tape.Which option to choose - matter.

Boat origami: Getting Started

creativity required a mere trifle: a rectangular sheet of paper.It can be colored or white, everything depends on the intent of the creat

or.However, it is desirable that the width of the sheet was less than seven times the length.Work begins with the addition of the center of one corner of the paper, and then the second (the other side).Following is a classic bomb, that is open and folded the sheets again, but taken to the opposite side of the leaf.The next stage - the folding flaps of the folded edge to the center of the sheet.Similarly, it creates a simple paper airplane.

Origami: continuation of

now need to add the opposite ends of the sheet, that is to connect two curved triangle.Figure rolled twice, the projections themselves are arranged in the base of the ship rolled.All the spaceship is ready.You can leave a white or paint using colored pencils, crayons or markers.

spacecraft from the layout

How paper make a space ship, if you want to create something more large-scale, big and complicated?For this purpose there is a second option: the creation of courts with the help of layout and improvised tools stationery.Spacecraft are very different: the individual, on the stands, on the airfield or base, to a hangar for equipment.The resulting masterpiece can be used in games or give to friends.


So, how to make a spaceship from the layout?First you need to choose the tools you need.This, of course, cardboard, colored paper, pencils, rulers, scissors and glue office.It is advisable to get even and fine scotch.

How to ship: Getting Started

first picks up a sheet of cardboard, is determined by the height of the spaceship.If it should be similar to the classic rocket, it's pretty simple.From cardboard cut out a rectangle that you want to roll up the tube.Last sealed with glue.That body ready spaceship.On another sheet of cardboard should draw the tail and wings, then carefully cut it.

Completion of

Analyzing how to make paper from the spacecraft, we must remember that all the templates have to be smooth, crisp, and the line - neat.So, at the bottom of the housing of the future spaceship cut through three slits, into which the cut fins.Everything is possible to start the nose of the rocket.To do this, cut a perfect circle with a diameter larger than the body of a starship.It should lay down the cone and glue the edges with glue or tape.The resulting nose is worn on the body and attached adhesive composition or of the same tape.Now that the foundation is ready, you can cut the scenery even from colored paper: stripes, decorations, windows.They are carefully glued on a starship.

figure out how to make paper out of a spaceship, you can unleash the imagination and make a spaceship, which want.This may be a Soviet missile or the famous "Firefly" beloved by many of the series.For greater strength figure can attach tape or metal staples.