Abdominal pain in the anus give: that it might be?

Each person has to deal with the pain.This feeling may be drawing, pressing, arching, cutting, stitching, and so on.Most often, abdominal pain experienced by women.It may be related to the reproductive function, or other organs.In this article, we will focus on why the sore abdomen and hands in the anus.You find out the main causes of this symptom.

Pain in the lower abdomen

As mentioned above, this symptom often appears at the fairer sex in the reproductive age.This gives lower abdominal pain in the anus.It may be of physiological or pathological processes caused by some.

Less this symptom manifests itself in men and children.However, in this case, neither of which physiology is not out of the question.If sore abdomen and hands in the anus, you should as soon as possible seem to physicians.

The causes of this symptom can be set.Try to understand them in detail and find out why in a particular case, there are pains in the abdomen (given to the anus).

female physiology: ovulation and menstruation

If the fairer sex were abdominal pain (given in the anus), it may be a sign of release egg from the ovary.This process is often in the middle of the menstrual cycle.This discomfort often are temporary and quickly come to an end.

also give abdominal pain in the anus, if they are caused by menstruation.In this case, the woman marks the beginning of a new cycle, which is accompanied by the release of the blood from the genital tract.Remember that menstruation should not be abundant and continuous.

pain in both of these cases can be resolved taking antispasmodics.These include the following drugs: "No-spa", "Solpadein", "MIG" and so on.

inflammatory processes in the pelvic area in women

What if a long time hurts the lower abdomen and lower back (giving the anus)?Rather, it is an inflammation or infection.In this case, the woman is able to detect an unstable cycle and periodic pain that is simmering, then again becoming stronger.

Launched inflammation may be accompanied by the release of liquid in pozadimatochnoe space.This results in the formation of adhesions, which in turn leads to all the same discomfort.To treat a pathology should be only after a thorough examination and consultation of experts.It is not necessary to mute the pain antispasmodics, as this will only get worse.

Abnormal growths in women

If there is pain in the abdomen, is given in the rectum, then the cause could be a cyst.Most often, these structures are functional and tested independently for several months.However, it should be safe and sound gynecologist and undergo an ultrasound examination.

In some cases, cysts can cause hormonal imbalance.This requires excision of the tumor under similar symptoms.Treatment in this case, a surgery.

Remember that if time does not remove non-functional cyst, it may just burst.In this case, besides abdominal pain (given in the anus) appearing additional symptoms bleeding, fatigue, lightheadedness, and so on.This condition is very dangerous and can lead to death.

Ectopic pregnancy

If a woman has a sore lower abdomen and lower back (giving the anus), the reason for this may be the fruit develops outside cavity genitals.To detect this pathology is quite simple.Suffice it to do a blood test or undergo ultrasound.

Discomfort in this case is the reason that the fertilized egg grows in size and pressure on adjacent organs.They often respond to the nerves that run through the intestines.


If stomachache and gives the anus, the cause may be an inflammation of the appendix.In this pathology can occur in both women and men.Also, in some cases, the children suffer.

associated symptoms of appendicitis are: the pain spreads throughout the peritoneum, nausea, vomiting, which goes into.In addition, a person feels weak, there is increased heart rate and lowering blood pressure.If timely assistance is not provided, the consequences can be very sad.

colic and constipation

Often the cause of abdominal pain, which gives to the anus, it is a violation of stool and flatulence.At the same man for a long time can not go to the toilet.

pathology associated symptoms include: bloating, rumbling in the abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea and discomfort.Treatment in these cases only symptomatic.A man needs to take drugs separating air bubbles into smaller particles, and laxatives.Most colicky newborns suffer.For qualified treatment should consult your pediatrician.

If constipation persists for a long time (more than five days), you should see a doctor.In this case, abdominal pain, which gives the anus, can be a sign of bowel obstruction.Treatment with most surgical.

birth pangs

If the expectant mother appeared abdominal pain, which gives to the anus, the reason for this may be the beginning of labor.In this case, it is not necessary to make any decisions on their own and preparations.Go as soon as possible in the maternity hospital.Only there you will be provided with qualified assistance.


you now know the main causes of pain in the lower abdomen, which gives the anus.Remember that in some cases, receive painkillers can cause blurry clinical picture.It is therefore consult a doctor and only then take any drugs.I wish you health!