The history of "McDonald's".

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Ray Kroc - a man, through which the world currently operates 29,000 fast-food restaurants, serving more than 45 million people a day.But he met the McDonald brothers at the age of 52 years, they have had an impressive list of diseases and problems.The history of the "McDonalds" - is both a history of Ray Kroc, who managed to earn a very ripe old age of 600 million dollars!The man was able to not only quickly and fabulously rich, but also significantly change the way of life of many people in the world.

Home path - McDonald brothers

McDonald brothers - a founder of the famous chain of restaurants.It was with their help, began the story of "McDonald's."The first institution to fast food, they opened in 1940.The café of the old time was applied to 25 traditional dishes.Brothers greatly simplified the menu, leaving him hamburgers and cheeseburgers, French fries, cakes, chips, coffee and milkshakes.All that prepare and serve very quickly in restaurants, "McDonald's."The history of the famous brand also started with the transition to self-rating, alterations, kitchen and lower prices for food.

By the way, in those days, women could not work in such establishments as brothers believed that they would detract from the work of male staff.MacDonalds were able to capture the desires of the people in the difficult post-war period.Their business was moving fine.It is actively engaged in the promotion of the brothers of the restaurant "McDonald's."History logo began its journey from the middle of the 50s, that's when there was known to all arch icon red and yellow.However, the institution still lacks scale.It was then and there was Ray Kroc - the man who changed forever the fast food restaurant.

Through whom was the development of "McDonald's"?

Ray Kroc - not the inventor of the fast food or anything else.The only thing he knew how to do in my life is great - it's trade.Long 17 years he sold paper cups well-known company, and then set up his own business that sells plants for the manufacture of ice cream.True, competitors soon released a new model of the device, and Ray had to close the company.In despair and search of work, he began to travel around the country and once heard an interesting news.Small restaurant ordered as many as ten of its plants for ice cream.Asked about what was going on, his friend said, "People are making money."Kroc, without a moment's hesitation, sat behind the wheel and drove off to sunny California."McDonald's" history of which began in 1940, waiting for a big change.

Franchise in San Bernardino

Once in the small town of San Bernardino, Ray rushed to see the coveted cafe."McDonald's" was a small roadside establishment with high-speed service system and disposable utensils.Ray saw a iron kitchen counter and very small menu consisting of nine positions.But most of all he was surprised the prices that were half the price of competitors.Dressed with all the works here MacDonalds brothers who were, unfortunately, these mattresses.The income they had, they are quite satisfied, and they did not want to make great strides.If their lives are not appeared Kroc, the history of "McDonalds" have simply stopped.The brothers were not looking for investors and sponsors of those that appear on their way themselves discouraged to invest large sums in the construction of the restaurants.Selling franchise for the right opening for very little money (2.5 thousand dollars), they do not even require a percentage of the income of this institution.The ruined Ray Kroc took matters into their own hands and offered the brothers a new scheme of interaction.

History of "McDonald's": selling franchises

Kroc Kroc offered to the owners of establishments selling franchises across the country with it.The price for 20 years is $ 950.And every cafe should pay a percentage of the profits, which was divided between the brothers McDonald and enterprising Kroc.The percentage given to the new owners for the use of the logo and brand of fast food, the brothers invented.

In those days, when there was a significant introduction Kroc and McDonald franchises already sold all the famous fast food chain.It was believed that this is an easy way to earn good money.Many people who sold the franchise, were not interested in further development of the brand and to monitor compliance with all terms of the agreement.They cared about the money.Kroc wanted to history of the brand, "McDonald's" went the other way.He wanted the restaurant brought a steady income, do not disgrace the brand throughout the Americas.He refused to sell franchises to large areas, selling the right to open only one restaurant.If the owner of the establishment has shown that he can be trusted brand, Ray let him open another cafe.He did not profited from restaurateurs, forcing them to buy their chosen equipment and products, but strictly followed the quality of all purchased products.It was bound to comply with the standard measures of "McDonald's."

However, customers such conditions are not pleased.Wealthy investors want to buy a license for the whole staff, and people with fewer opportunities are not satisfied with the fact that the franchise operates only 20 years under strict control Kroc.In the first year of the new business Ray sold only 18 franchises.Moreover, half of restaurateurs do whatever they want, even in the cafe selling pizza and hot dogs.Ray Kroc had dreamed about something else.She helped him an unexpected event - acquaintance with Sanford Agatha.

«McDonald 's success story Sanford Agatha

46-year-old journalist Agatha amassed an amount equal to 25 thousand dollars, and wanted to create their own business.Kroc sold his franchise to open a restaurant in the city of Waukegan.Agatha payments for construction, equipment purchased, and the money ran out.In May 1955, he opened a small restaurant and had an unexpected smash success.Every day, his income was about a thousand dollars.A person who has passed the land on lease, was outraged.He had no idea that a small restaurant in a small town will bring the owner an income of 30 thousand per month.He himself received for the lease of only one thousand.Soon Agatha bought a luxury house and began to live happily.This success has inspired many people who have little savings, but a great passion for the work and wealth.People began lining up for CRIC, hoping to repeat the success of Sanford.The history of "McDonald's" moved forward.Kroc was selling people is not a new business, it gave them success!The restaurant paid off in about six months, starting to bring excellent profits.For the sake of the people were ready to carry out all the tasks and requirements of Ray, as he had wanted.Dreams him were initiated.

brothers bought the rights to the founding

history "McDonald's" went in a new direction, when in 1961, the founders agreed to sell Kroc known brand and the right to manage it on their own without their participation.The letter "M", is considered a sign of all the institutions, they are estimated at $ 2.7 million.Such money from a former traveling salesman, of course, was not.Although the restaurant chain brought a huge income, the percentage of Ray was negligible.In addition, the amount of existing debt, and so more than 5 million dollars.Kroc urgently needed a big loan.Sonneborn (the financier network) has persuaded several well-known universities to invest 2.7 million in business development.But the day before receiving the money came refusal motivated by the unreliability of the enterprise.Then Sonneborn came up to combine the restaurant business and the real estate market.The company's goal was to obtain the ownership of the restaurant buildings and the land on which they stood.And it was very difficult!

acquisition of land and buildings

history of "McDonald's" would not be so radiant if not for Harry Sonneborn.He made an enormous contribution to the development of the network.Finding an experienced accountant, Harry creates on paper the appearance of a very successful company.It was necessary to ensure that the banks agreed to give good credit.Having creditors that the main business of the company - not fast food, and the sale of real estate in 1961, Kroc was able to take a credit of $ 2.7 million.Finally, the brothers received their compensation and fully retired.The history of "McDonald's" moved further already without its founders.

University hamburger

In the 70s fast food chain is becoming extremely popular.Kroc Revenues are growing day by day.The famous edition of "Forbes" magazine published an article which said that his condition is equal to 340 million dollars.But the former salesman and never thought to stop!Despite the relatively advanced age, he never ceases to work and improve.

In 1961, he opened a laboratory called "Hamburger University".There is a study going on all the parameters of cooking potatoes, muffins and cutlets."University" is working now, however, there are trained executives of the company.In the 60s he came to replace Speedy famous clown named Ronald.The history of "McDonald's" in the moment does not mean anything without this character, beloved by all children around the world.The kids go to a restaurant on the weekend, wanting to see this jovial!

In 1984, Ray Kroc died.Today, a huge corporation manages James Skinner (fourth person coping with a difficult task).

Fast food restaurant in Russia

For a long time people in our country could not try the same cheeseburgers as Americans.Owners of network failures attributed to the sale of the franchise instability of the Russian economy and politics.The history of "McDonald's" in Russia began to conduct lengthy negotiations in 1976.This happened during the Olympic Games in Montreal.The Soviet Union as a result all the same signs a contract with a large network of fast-food restaurants.In 1990 he opened the first in Russia, "McDonald's", located on Pushkin Square.The success of the institution was terrific - the first day of work in front of doors lined up 30 thousand people!This has not happened in the history of the network.Now on the territory of our country are scattered many of these restaurants, and plans of the opening of many more institutions.

Interesting facts about

history "McDonalds" was briefly discussed by us in this article, and you can now take the time to interesting and unusual facts, dedicated to the corporation:

  • As mentioned above, in fast food restaurants were not allowed to work for women.Feminists fiercely fought for their rights and in 1970 won the right to work in the "McDonald's".However, their shape is no different from men's.In addition, they were not allowed to use make-up and wearing jewelry and jewelry during the work shift.
  • system to attract children is very active, because all kids want to get a closer view of the clown Ronald and get a toy from lunch "Happy-Meal."
  • come to the restaurant of this network, always say what portion of the product you wish to receive.By default, you will break the biggest serving of potato or soda water.This saves time and money in your pocket adds the owner.
  • Fast food restaurants have often been subjected to terrorist attacks.In the history of the network has been committed 13 such crimes in India, Greece, France and other countries.
  • Food companies are often criticized because of the calories and harmfulness.Morgan Spurlock made a documentary film called "Super Size Me."It tells how quick and tasty food leads to obesity and the development of many diseases of internal organs.
  • largest restaurant corporation in Europe is in Russia's Pushkin Square (this is the first restaurant in the country, opened in 1990).
  • Management is doing everything to profit growing, people were satisfied and would not go to a competitor.More recently, in all institutions is free of charge Wi-Fi.With unlimited access to the Internet, people are staying longer in the cafe and, as a rule, bought food for a large sum than originally anticipated.
  • Corporation cooperates with such major companies as Hummer and Disney.Co-operation is their joint advertising with each other.
  • Ray Kroc before he met with the brothers, the founders involved in the sale of plastic cups, had his own small company selling mixers, as well as playing the piano.He was married three times.In 1974, Kroc bought the ownership of a baseball team.
  • one member Ray called his son.A young man came to work as a waiter, and so was given the work that Ray just could not miss it.After the death of Kroc named Fred Turner will head a large corporation.

Raymond Kroc fulfill his dream and become a millionaire, initially having the entire $ 950 in cash.To achieve the ultimate goal he needed: a passion to win, wit and insight, as well as some providence.He has become a great example for many people going to the purpose.Products Corporation is now loved and chosen by millions of people around the world, because it meets all the standards of quality!A taste of Big Mac has not changed since its first preparation.