Amazing and unique Altai region.

Altai - a complex concept.It includes the Altai Mountains, the Altai Republic and Altai Territory.The nature of the mesmerizing with its beauty, attracting tourists from around the world.

will understand the notion of "Altai"

Geographically the Altai - it is a large area in the center of Asia.It is located on the territory of just four states (Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia).Common name - the Altai Territory.The nature of the very diverse climatic zones provides such as taiga, forest steppe, steppe and mountains.

In terms of administrative division in the vastness of our country, this territory is divided into two regions of Russia - Altai Republic with its capital in the city of Gorno-Altaisk and Altai region, whose capital is the city of Barnaul.

Thus, the concept of Altai region may be referred to as an administrative unit of the state, and a special natural area on the planet.The article focuses specifically about the natural area.

Altai region

The nature of the very diverse.The terrain is divided into:

  • Plains, located in the western and central part of the holding edge of the West Siberian plateau.
  • Mountains, occupying the north, east and south of the region.Incredibly beautiful nature of Altai.Russia - a country whose territory is a large part of the hills.The mountain peaks along the entire length have a height of 500 to 4500 m.

on the flat part is steppe and steppe.In the valleys of the mountains and on the plateau noise coniferous and deciduous forests.

Around the edge of the flows many rivers, most of which are navigable, but decorated with picturesque waterfalls.The main waterways - the Katun River (688 km long) and Bia (length 280 km), of which originates mighty river Ob.Water resources are also presented numerous lakes, a total of about 20 thousand.The most significant - Teletskoe - a vast repository of freshwater mountain lake Aya, the sacred pond Dzhulukul.

Altai Mountains - a complex system of ridges, dotted with caves, gorges and cliffs with hanging glaciers.The upper part of the Altai Mountains - the top of Belukha 4506 m height.

Flora and fauna

Altay, hit the edge of the nature of the variety of wildlife.The territory is inhabited by brown bears, squirrels, chipmunks, sable, otter, wolverine, foxes, wolves, musk deer, deer, mountain sheep, goats, snow leopards, ferrets, Pallas' cat, even caribou and antelope.There are more than 100 species of mammals and reptiles, many of which are protected and recorded in the Red Book.More than 260 species of birds inhabit these parts: Rock Ptarmigan, eagle, hawk, owl and eagle owl, bird, dancer-heaters and others.

fauna is represented by species of trees such as larch, spruce, pine, fir, birch, aspen, poplar and others.Gem - cedar.

in the steppe zone of disseminated valuable medicinal plants, such as Marin root, valerian, morality, Adonis spring, Kuril tea, golden root, ginseng, sea buckthorn, horse sorrel, edelweiss.

Attractions Altai

"Golden Mountain" abound in picturesque places, many of which are unique in nature.Here are the only band in the world forests - a unique monument of nature of the Altai Territory.

In the Altai region created 33 reserves, which occupy 5% of the territory.They are designed to protect the unique wonderful landscape and unique biological complexes inhabited by rare animals and unique plants grow.Many areas have original form and are untouched by civilization.

most beautiful and interesting places of the Altai Territory declared a heritage site.Among them - the reserve "Altai" from Lake Teletskoye, Katun Reserve, Natural Park on the slopes of Mount Belukha and the Ukok Plateau.The total area guarded area - 1.64 million. Hectare.

Caves Altai - another amazing creation of nature

Among the most significant:

• Geophysical - one of the most beautiful caves in the Altai Territory.The length is 500 m, goes deep into the rock 130 m. Particularly impressive is the "Royal Grotto" with a 4-meter stalactites and stalagmites.
• Denisova Cave - one of the most interesting from a scientific point of view.There has long conducted archaeological excavations.It studied for 20 cultural layers, the oldest of which has an age of about 300 thousand. Years.
• Environmental - the cave is the deepest mine in Siberia - 340 m length of the cave - more than 2 km.
• Tavdinsky - for the extraordinary beauty through corridors and arches of the cave is called a natural monument of national importance.
• Altai - goes back to 240 m, its length of about 2.5 km.An interesting fact that in the depths of the cave cavers discovered the lake with unique colors and calcite cave pearls.