The most amazing plant world.

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amazing - next!It seems that everything around is so familiar and commonplace that things can strike the human imagination around very little.In fact, Expert Nature Magic Brush painted many paintings and created countless wonderful creatures, randomly scattering them all over the world.Therefore, anywhere in the world there is always the possibility of the vision of a miracle - a fantastic and extraordinary.Amazing animals and plants delight, delight and make self-talk.

Eucalyptus - one of the highest plant planet

tallest tree in Australia, skyscraper evergreen, reaching a height of 100 meters - eucalyptus.Exotic giant, rivaling in size with the Lebanese cedar and American sequoia, only for the impressive height of merit.The speed of growth of this handsome man ahead of his trunks overgrown bark, often hanging on trees grown in the form of rags.Only in the first year of life young tree reaches 2-2.5 meters in height.Its leaves are turned parallel to the incident rays of the sun, so the eucalyptus forest is always bright and comfortable for the life of other plants.During droughts, characteristic of the local climate, the tree to save himself forced to shed their leaves.

Rainbow Eucalyptus - unusual creations of Mother Nature

Against the background of its species stands out tall fellow Rainbow Eucalyptus - an unusual tree, the bark of which is decked out in all the colors of the rainbow.This plant in motley attire is often mistaken for the creation of an abstract painter.At the young age of eucalyptus bark is green, over the years it gets dark, feasting upon the blue, purple, burgundy and orange hues, the alternation which creates a special festive design.The unusual coloration was the occasion for the cultivation of these trees for ornamental purposes, but their natural qualities also merit special attention.They can not tolerate the pests, these handsome little sick.Meet the amazing plants can be in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Gidnora - African carnivorous predator

Amazing properties of a plant called gidnora - a little-known African predator - constantly cause genuine interest biologists.This flower grows in Africa and Madagascar, but found it quite difficult.Reminiscent looks mushroom with thick and fleshy petals with bristles, he leads a parasitic life.The roots of the flower, which are underground stems that reach far and deep into the side.Having found growing near a plant gidnora firmly twist around the victim prisasyvayas to its roots, and in this way a parasite.On the surface of an African predator comes out only when sufficient rainfall;this can occur every few years.Flower blooms gradually, and only after pollination fully revealed.The smell is not very pleasant, similar to rot, what attracts a significant number of insects, which are the main food.Despite the hideous appearance, gidnora effectively used animals and local people as a food and as a medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular system.

Lithops - the most amazing plant world

Lithops ("living stones") - as the hot African flora and the most amazing plant world.Outwardly, they look like stones with a diameter of about 5 centimeters, which is unusual in the way of masking the burning desert sands.

plant has two fleshy leaves and a short trunk, gradually turning to the root and going in search of moisture deep into the earth.In autumn silent "stone" picture enliven yellow, white, pink flowers, stand out with bright tassels.

Bloody tooth

on planet Earth in the neighborhood with beautiful species of flora exist such wonderful plants of the world, to watch out for in order to avoid possible negative effects.For example, a deceptively pretty mushroom - a bloody tooth.Externally similar to a mouth-watering dessert or chewing gum with strawberry flavor, it is extremely toxic.Droplets of red liquid on a white velvety surface reminiscent of blood, although in reality the secret plant itself produces through his pores.It feeds on fungus and insects soil juices engaged by cunning bait - the same blood-red liquid.Through vivid veins fungus, whose height - 2-3 cm, clearly visible against the background of leaves and dry pine needles.

Dancing Tree

Amazing plants exist in tropical Asia;one of them - Desmodium spinning (otherwise "telegraph plant").Reaches a height of 1.2 meters, with leaves elliptical shape and small, gathered in the brush flowers, they know how to dance.This fascinating action that causes joy and surprise comes from exposure to sunlight.The side leaves begin to move in a certain path, for half a minute tops describing a full ellipse.The rotation has the character and recalls tolchkoobrazny transmitted Morse code messages, which gave the second name of the flower.At night time the plant is asleep, gathering strength for the next the charming dance.

Amazing plant - candy trees

every child's dream - unlimited number of sweets and goodies, and even on the trees!- It turns out to be reality.Like all the most amazing plant world, it is a tree with fruits bizarrely elongated shape, taste like candy, as if came from fairy tale.In people, it is called Candy and among botanists - Gauvin sweet.Fragrant berries, which taste much resembles Barbariska can be eaten straight from the branches, so it is not surprising that they are the basis for jams and preserves, juices and liqueurs, compotes and syrups.The wine from the fruit candy tree has healing properties, providing a beneficial effect on the body.In Tibet, fasting was considered a cure-all, this plant has long been prized in Babylon and India.In Russia since the 17th century it was cultivated especially in the apothecary gardens on the orders of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.Eating fruit helps to not only enjoy a pleasant taste, but also to win anemia, prevent blood clots, to slow down the oxidative processes, restore the elasticity of blood vessels, to bring the body of toxins and revitalize damaged cells.Along with a mass of useful properties of fasting, strewn with bright red "candy" incredibly beautiful.In the spring of this huge tree covered with golden buds, distributing an amazing fragrance, fall also Allows you to fully enjoy the colorful foliage of the plant.No wonder the candy tree is worthy of surprising plants in Russia.

most famous mega-lily Victoria

Amazon - the world's largest water lily and popular culture hothouse.Its leaves reach a diameter of 2.5 meters and can withstand the weight of 50 kg.The outer surface of the plants green and covered with a waxy coating, repulsive excess moisture.The lower portion has a purple-red color and is provided with a grid dotted spiked ribs protect against herbivorous fish and collecting air bubbles to retain water on the surface.For the season lily is able to produce about 50 leaves, which grow and occupy a large surface of the pond.This adversely affects the growth of other species of flora due to lack of sunlight.Flowers Victoria Amazonian located under the water and bloom for 2-3 days once a year.This occurs only at night over water;At dawn the flowers back in the underwater kingdom.In the expanded state of the buds reach a diameter of 20-30 centimeters.The first day of the petals inherent white color, the second - pink, the third flowers are dark purple or crimson.The plant got its name in honor of Victoria - the Queen of England, it is common in the Amazon Basin in Brazil, found in the waters of Guyana, which flow into the Caribbean Sea.In the natural, the natural conditions it can live up to 5 years.