Guessing on the marks on the body

Astrologers divide the human body into two equal halves - left and right.The right half is identified with the sun, which is considered a male planet, and left with the Moon, which is more important in a woman's life.Thus, moles and other prints in the left half of a woman's body are considered harbingers of favorable events, and prints on the right side of the body indicates the bad, adverse life events.Men also under the auspices of the Sun, on the contrary, the right half - the good, and the left - ominous.

Moles vary in color.Brown - a birthmark Saturn.These birthmarks - indicators fateful, inevitable events.Red moles awards we Jupiter.The presence of such moles alerts about the events that will lead to a revision of a man of his world view, ideology.Bright moles - "gifts" of Venus.They point to the affection of man, his environment and the impact of this environment on his life.

Moles woman

on eyebrows on the right eyebrow - early and happy marriage.On the left - on the contrary.
in the eye: a spot in the corner of the eye speaks of a quiet and balanced character.

cheeks: on the right - the stormy love experiences.On the left it shows that the road to success you will find plenty of troubles.

On the nose: no matter what you have taken, you are guaranteed success.

on his lips: a sign of a cheerful nature.You are sensual, not indifferent to luxury, do not like to impose on extra responsibility.A speck on the upper lip suggests that you - very feminine and flirtatious person under lips - love you "thing in itself."

on the chest: if the mole on the right side, you often rush from one extreme to another.Your life consists of ups and downs.A speck on the left side indicates a generous and a little frivolous nature.

at the waist: it will grant you many children.The larger the spot, the more numerous your offspring.

On the shoulders: you luck.The birthmark on his left shoulder - financial difficulties.

On hand: dark spots - a fascinating career, happiness, wealth.

On the hand, you have a gift that will bring you success and happiness.

ankle: independence, industry, energy.

Moles in men

on his forehead on the right side brings fame and fortune, to the left - financial difficulties, the middle - happy love.

On ears: carefree life.

on the neck if a spot is located on the side, you will find a hard life ahead - you can expect a spectacular career.

on the chin: you use respectful of others.

jaw: a sign of poor health.

On the shoulders: Your destiny - hard work.

On the edges: a mole on the right side - indecision.You often behave tactless.On the left side - it has a sense of humor.

On the back: you are open and honest man, but prone to grumbling.

on his feet: indecision.

on the buttocks: the tendency to idleness and compliance.

on the feet if moles are on both feet, you like to travel.
If only on the right - see the light of your dreams will not come true.If a birthmark on the left foot, you are clever and dreamy.

And in Russia said that the mole - fortunately, but that's just impossible to count them;but about a man with a prominent mole or birthmark was said: "God Rogue marks."

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