Holding a union of several companies

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The current economic model holding - is a necessary measure for many companies.If you go back and look at the system of economic relations, the picture is to provide clear and understandable.The economy is practically each country has acted independently in accordance with the interests of the state, the industry and individual enterprises.International and inter-regional ties were formed by centuries of waste scheme.The market is the exchange of goods, technologies and patents.On some points that represent different analysts in different ways, these mechanisms have begun large-scale integration processes.

US economy the most dynamic and receptive to innovation has become a sort of testing ground to find new forms of management.Holding - a new type of corporation that replaced the trusts and concerns.Of course, all of these forms of organization continued to operate.As you know, the market compete not only goods and services but also ways of organizing business.For a long time, with breaks for the war was intense competition between the different methods of management.Practice shows convincingly that the same tool can be used with varying efficiency.

Holding - a structure that combines a certain number of legal entities engaged in business.Integration implies strict subordination.In other words, all the grass-roots units subordinate to the supreme authority.According to this principle formed almost all Russian companies.Included is the formation of companies and organizations retain the totality of rights and obligations.They plan their own financial and economic activity, are responsible for its obligations, manage their assets and liabilities.At first glance it may seem that the entry into this structure has a purely formal character.

However, this is not the case.For example, the building holding may include in its membership not only the profile of the enterprise.Construction management, mechanized columns and transport companies merged under one brand, in order to maintain its position in the market.Here everything is clear and not cause any problems or objections.But in addition to these plants in the holding and may include the design of the structure.Bureau, which is engaged in designing of engineering networks, primarily executes applications from companies - participants of the holding.At the same time he retains the right to work with other customers.

It should be noted that the holding company - a system of assets and property.Combinations can be created on a contractual basis.This is possible when the two sides take a joint decision to transfer the management of one of the parties of certain assets.Immediately I must say that one can not confuse this form of relationship with the unit rental.Just one of the partners takes the operational management of property or equipment belonging to another.All this is done in order to make better use of assets at the disposal.Plus, in the framework of the association have the opportunity to optimize the tax base.