Actively growing cellular market

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Mobile market - one of the fastest growing in the world.Modern technologies lead to cheaper mobile communication, and also contribute to the improvement of its quality.

fast mobile Internet, PDAs, surpassing its characteristics, stationary PCs, reducing the cost of services and a wide range of unlimited tariffs - all this makes the cellular market in Russia, one of the most attractive ways to invest.The struggle between the major companies have already conducted not only at the level of the quality and cost of services - using a wide range of additional options that we offer mobile operators.

standards of cellular communication in Russia differ from European or American, but virtually any phone is now able to work in a variety of standard GSM.Coverage of mobile networks has reached the Far North and the Far East.The rapid development of companies - mobile operators shows how much cellular market demand by Russian consumers.Mobile phones almost completely replaced the landline.The cost, quality and range of services last too much inferior to the corresponding parameters "of mobile phones."And given the opportunities offered by new phones, then we can safely count on the fact that the cellular market in the near future is completely secure for them all possible means of data transmission.

important role in the rapid development of mobile communications in recent years has played the emergence of a new operating system for PDAs - Android.This OS allows you to completely change the standard feature set of the CCP.The new "axis" moved the world leader Apple, resulting in the cellular market began to develop even under the pressure of competition.Of course, the South Korean giant Samsung can not yet completely replace the "apple" of the company with the market, but on his side - flexibility and improvement "OSes" users, while Apple and Microsoft in the pursuit of security and uniqueness do not allow you to change or add tothe system virtually nothing."Android" has enabled various companies to create their cheap smartphones: in addition to the flagships, such as the 4-core Galaxy S 4 cost about $ 1,000, and there are cheaper models that can be purchased for $ 50.

New features in the micro and nanoelectronics may soon lead to the fact that the phone will replace the cameras, laptops and other equipment.The only significant disadvantage of smartphones to all other gadgets - the small size of the screen.But this problem will soon be solved by scientists.Perhaps, the screen image will be projected onto the surface, or will be developed holographic technology that will not just watch the movie in a 3D image, and see the characters and events in the life-size.

market of cellular communication in the modern world - it is not just the ability to communicate with colleagues, friends or relatives.It is possible to combine in one unit almost any household appliances.Mobile operators are increasingly investing not only in improving the quality of communication, but also to the development of completely new technologies that make possible the smartphone is simply amazing.