Economic-mathematical methods and modeling

Economic-mathematical methods are now widely used and is an important area to improve the analysis of economic entities and their subsidiaries.This can be achieved by reducing the timing of the study, the characteristics of the deep factors, and by replacing the complex calculations easier.Furthermore, in the process set and solved multidimensional problems which perform conventional methods or manually impossible.

Mathematical Methods of economy requires:

1) a systematic approach to the study of the economic activity of enterprises, as well as taking into account all the related trends in various areas of management of the organization;

2) develop a set of economic and mathematical models that reflect the characteristic tasks and processes in quantitative terms;

3) Improve the flow of information on the economic activity of the enterprise;

4) the availability of automated systems that are responsible for processing, storage and transmission of data necessary for the application of methods;

5) are specially trained personnel, which will be composed of mathematicians, computer scientists, economists, operators, etc.

problem can be formulated and solved properly by using economic and mathematical methods.Also, widespread statistics.Her methods are applied in the case where the analyzed indicators vary in a random order.Statistical methods to help solve problems that require forecast.

application of mathematics in the economy due to increased efficiency analysis of the company due to the fact that the extension will be investigated factors and justification of decisions.Also selects the best options for the use of resources and identification of reserves to improve the efficiency of production and development work.

Economic-mathematical methods can be divided into 4 groups:

1) accurate optimization;

2) approximate;

3) is not accurate optimization;

4) approximate.

use of these methods for the analysis of the company helps to get a clear idea about the object, to quantitatively describe and characterize its external communications and internal structure.Economic-mathematical methods are primarily used in the simulation.The sample, which eventually turns out, is a model of the object of study.The subject of management creates it with the display characteristics: properties, relationships, structural and functional parameters of the object, etc.

Unfortunately, the economic and mathematical modeling can be a situation where the object under study is a complex structure.As a result, difficult to create a pattern that will cover all the features of the system under study.An example is the economy of the economic entity as a whole.