Monthly pregnancy in early pregnancy possible?

Normally if pregnancy occurs especially female cycle changes, and menstrual flow for this period are terminated.In some cases, there are exceptions to that affect certain hormonal and individual factors.Monthly pregnancy in early pregnancy is quite possible, most importantly - carefully monitor their health and well-being in order to prevent possible problems.

reasons secretions during pregnancy

This process can be influenced by many factors:

  • hormonal disorders (lack or overabundance of progesterone);
  • gynecologic or venereal diseases (for example, cervical erosion discharge may occur due to the strong inflow of blood to it, normally they do not carry the danger to the fetus);
  • of ectopic pregnancy;
  • disease when implanted ovum;
  • attach the egg to the uterine wall;
  • washing fruit;
  • molar pregnancy.

Each of these factors in varying degrees can affect the monthly during pregnancy in early pregnancy.If no health problems and hormonal not found, the spotting is not considered a pathology.

They can also be a time when a woman was supposed to begin menstruation if fertilization has not occurred.So, before you worry about and draw conclusions, should be carefully examined and consult a gynecologist.

Lack of progesterone Progesterone is a major hormone of pregnancy.Its functions include the secretion of the corpus luteum, which provides full and proper development of the embryo.In case of violation of progesterone possible miscarriage in the early stages.

to time to begin treatment, it is necessary to know the symptoms gipoandrogenii:

  • severe fatigue;
  • irritability;
  • headaches;
  • increased the size of the chest and abdomen;
  • sharp jump in weight;
  • pain during menstruation.

hormone ensures the development of the corpus luteum, it, in turn, produces hormones necessary for the development of the fetus up to 16 weeks.After this period formed their own placenta provides the fetus with all necessary nutrients.

At the ensuing pregnancy due to a lack of progesterone may be bleeding and abdominal pain.If time does not pay attention to these symptoms, then after a short time the pain intensified, becoming cramping in nature, and there is a spontaneous miscarriage.Monthly pregnancy in early pregnancy should always guard and a woman to be an important reason for visiting the doctor.


behind these words lies the problem of excess hormone progesterone.When a woman's body produces too much male hormone, breaks down the process of implantation of the ovum.Or when the pregnancy has already occurred and the egg is rejected by the body occurs miscarriage in early pregnancy.

symptoms of hyperandrogenism are:

  • fainting toxicity;
  • lack of engorgement;
  • appearance of bleeding;
  • pain in the lumbar region and the abdomen.

emitted during early pregnancy in the presence of these symptoms require immediate treatment to the doctor.To avoid a miscarriage only help timely determination of the level of this hormone in the blood and correctly prescribed treatment.

correctly decipher the analysis of progesterone will table by week pregnancy, showing its normal content.

gestation period Progesterone blood nmol / L
1 trimester (12 weeks) 8,9-468
Trimester 2 (27 weeks) 715-503,1
3 trimester (40 weeks) 88,7-771,5

Fluctuations in the amount of hormone depends on the individual woman's hormonal levels and difficulties observed during the pregnancy.Normally, progesterone can vary widely without adversely effects on fetal development.

Bleeding genital tract infections

During pregnancy, there are monthly and because of the presence of various diseases, particularly sexually transmitted diseases.Selections may not always be the case in a pregnant having sex infection, so at the first sign of pregnancy is necessary to be tested for STDs exception.If this is not done on time and do not start treatment, there can be a miscarriage with serious consequences.

possible monthly during pregnancy and the presence of any pathological or chronic inflammation in the pelvic area and appendages.Therefore, if there is bleeding with alarming character, you must be examined to see a doctor and that can make the correct diagnosis and treatment, through which it will be possible to continue the pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy

In this case, the implantation and fetal development is carried out in the fallopian tube.Since the structure of the body is not able to significantly increase in size, such a pregnancy can be the cause of burst pipes and the development of peritonitis.

reason for an ectopic pregnancy can be:

  • tubal pathology (partial or complete obstruction, adhesions);
  • inflammation of the reproductive system (inflammation of the pelvic organs, appendages and pathology);
  • presence of infectious or sexually transmitted diseases, which have been transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse.

Ectopic pregnancy is always accompanied by severe pain in the abdomen and appendages.Therefore, the manifestation of this symptom needs help medical staff.Women's consultation on a mandatory basis should be had at the first sign of pregnancy to avoid her ectopic flow.

Pathology mounting

egg fertilized egg is always attached to the soundness of the uterus, which has no damage.If women have some kind of chronic disease of the reproductive system, spikes, it is necessary to closely monitor the pregnancy and their health.

Attaching the egg can be realized is very low - to the bottom of the uterus, or even to her neck.As a result, the placenta is not there, there is placenta previa.Cervical pregnancy is the most dangerous because it causes severe bleeding and in many cases followed by removal of the uterus.

monthly during pregnancy in early pregnancy in most cases indicate the presence of pathological or infectious process in the reproductive system of women.

implantation embryo

process of implantation of the ovum in the uterine wall and can be accompanied by scanty spotting, the duration of which varies from several hours to several days.

Such bleeding may be the first sign that the pregnancy.Description of the process of implantation of the ovum in more detail are available at antenatal clinic.In this regard, it is important to be able to distinguish between implantation and abnormal bleeding.

To exclude the excitement on this occasion, you can visit the attending gynecologist.However, it is important to be aware of the dangers of any gynecological intervention at an early stage of pregnancy.

Washing fetus

In this case the monthly release are false.That is, in the coming fertilization on the appointed day menstruation begins.In this case, it is important to pay attention to their health (presence of dizziness, weakness, nausea) and the duration and abundant flow monthly.

recommended if in any doubt still do a pregnancy test, to finally convince the presence or absence of pregnancy, and after confirmation of this fact seek medical attention immediately.

Do not worry about why the monthly during the pregnancy.In clinical practice, this phenomenon is not considered pathological.

molar pregnancy

This indicates abnormal development of the ovum - when the outer shell of the embryo (chorion) instead of the villi begin to form bubbles or cysts filled with fluid.

molar pregnancy is the cause of excessively rapid cell division and proliferation of the shell, so that there is a destruction of the embryo.The development of this pathology is the cause of abnormalities in the genetic field.In this case, no chromosome set of the embryo mother and father duplicated.This is called a complete molar pregnancy.

Partial pathology may result from fertilization by sperm from a diploid set of chromosomes.In this case, in the process of development of the fetus revealed a large number of pathologies that are incompatible with life.

most often molar pregnancy can develop in the fallopian tubes during an ectopic pregnancy.But there have been cases of detecting it and the young mothers and women over 35 years.

Female consultation should provide all necessary assistance to the pregnant woman in terms of examination and treatment assignment.If necessary, further analysis is necessary to provide the woman with all the documents and directions.