A simple fruit salad recipe with photos

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fruit salad recipe, a photo of which you can see below, is not very popular in our country.And it is in vain.After all, this dish is not only very tasty, but also useful.Moreover, the preparation of fruit salad is not time consuming.You need only to process all ingredients, grind them and pour some sauce.

fruit salad recipe with photos will make in your daily diet variety.They will help to remedy the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, significantly improving the human condition.

What are the ingredients to cook?

simple fruit salad recipe may include entirely different ingredients.But most importantly, that they are natural and do not contain a variety of additives and nitrates.

is best to cook a delicious fruit salad with their own crop.If you are not an avid Truckers, the purchase of food products for the best on the market.

Select only fresh fruits, different, without dents, wormholes and so on.Although we should not forget that not all beautiful, smooth and glossy products are useful.Make sure that they are not processed with chemicals and only then purchase.

How to cook?

simple fruit salad recipe is good to use if you do not have time to do complex and fine dining.Actually, there are quite a large number of variants of the preparation of such snacks.And for that you do not necessarily have available certain recipes.After combining these or other fruits, you can create their own delicious and healthy salads that will appreciate all your household.

Making dishes

As a rule, a simple fruit salad contains a minimum set of ingredients and time-consuming for cooking.But this does not mean that such dish should be beautiful.

Thus, the most important factor in the success of preparation of salad special is its proper execution.Since the work with the fruit is very convenient, and they always look colorful and bright, spectacularly decorate like a dish much easier to any other.To do this, you should just be creative imagination and start experimenting.

Before tell you about how to make a fruit salad at home, I want to say that this procedure is very simple.Therefore, it is able to cope with even the inexperienced cook.

usually fruit for cooking sweet salad not require special handling.They should only be thoroughly washed in warm water, and then cleaned of various stalks, peel, seed boxes, and so on.You also need to take care of a sauce filling.In most cases, fruit salads fed to the table in its own juice, as well as any sweet liquid or syrup.However, you can exercise your imagination, using a variety of filling of cream, sour cream and other products.

Fruit Salad: The recipe is simple and easy

If you want a short time to prepare a delicious and healthy salad sweet, we suggest use this recipe.To make it a really juicy and nutritious, it is advisable to buy only fresh and quality ingredients.

So what products we will need to cook a delicious fruit salad?The recipe is simple requires the purchase:

  • large persimmon soft, but not frozen - 2 medium pieces .;
  • pear ripe "Pakham" - 2 large pieces .;
  • sweet orange - 1 pc .;
  • small lemon - 1 pc .;
  • ripe banana and soft - 1 pc .;
  • garnet grains - with the first of the fruit;
  • fresh honey lipovogo- 6-8 large spoons;
  • red grapes - 250 g;
  • Kiwi soft non-acidic - 3 pcs .;
  • sweet apple red - 1 piece.

treatment ingredient

Before you make a fruit salad, should be treated with all the components.For this product thoroughly washed in hot water and then proceed to their purification.Sweet Orange Grate (zest).After that, the remaining pulp is separated from the film and chopped medium pieces.With a banana peel and cut into cubes.The accuracy is also milled and ripe pears with apples.However, before these are cleaned not only from the skin but also by the seed box.Then spread the apples in a separate bowl and sprinkle with lemon.This is to ensure that they do not blackened.Regarding kiwi, it was purified by volosyanistoy surface using a sharp knife, and then cut into cubes.Also crushed and soft persimmon, after removing it from the skin.

At the very least thoroughly washed red grapes, divide it in half and take out the bones.

Formation dishes

As you can see, a simple fruit salad recipe is realized very quickly.After all the ingredients are cleaned and crushed properly proceed to formation dishes.For this shredded banana spread in a bowl, and then added thereto and mixed thoroughly peel.Then, in the same bowl placed apples, sprinkle with lemon juice, orange, kiwi, pears, red grapes and persimmons.All of these products are liquid flavored lime honey and stir well.

As presented to the table?

After the fruit salad is ready, it is spread on the ice-cream bowls, then sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.In such a sweet and very tasty appetizer presented to the table with the dessert spoon or fork.

Making sweet salad of apples and oranges

As mentioned above, a simple recipe for fruit salad may include the use of different ingredients.To make this dish, we need:

  • wine vinegar - 2 large spoons;
  • freshly squeezed orange juice - 2 large spoons;
  • olive oil - 2 large spoons;
  • dark seedless raisins - ½ cup;
  • walnuts - ½ cup;
  • sweet orange - 1 pc .;
  • reducing mint - a couple of sprigs;
  • sweet red apples - 4 pcs .;
  • sea salt, allspice - used to taste.

Training components

To prepare the fruit salad takes sweet orange, wash it thoroughly and divided into slices.After removing from them all the films of intact cut into small pieces.Then peeled red apples, remove the seed box with them and chopped medium dice.Regarding walnuts, they properly sorted, cleaned in the sieve and dried in a microwave oven.At the end of pulverized using a sharp knife.


After processing the basic ingredients start to cook the sauce filling.To do this, mix vinegar, olive oil and orange juice.Then thereto was added carefully washed raisins and leave as such for ¼ hour.If desired, an additional sauce flavored with pepper and salt.

process of formation and submission to the table

Fruit salad is formed in a large bowl.It spread oranges and apples, and then add the walnuts and pour sauce filling with raisins.Also added to the ingredients petals of fresh mint and mix thoroughly.As such, the salad laid out on glass kremanki and presented to the table.

Make a fruit salad for 5 minutes

If guests are already on the threshold, and you have nothing to treat them, we recommend that you do a quick apple salad.To him we need:

  • sweet green apples - 2 pcs .;
  • red pepper powder - incomplete teaspoon;
  • Ground cinnamon - dessert spoon;
  • fresh lemon - 0.5 pc.(Required for juice);
  • green lettuce - 1-2 pieces.

cooking process

To make this salad, you need exactly 5 minutes.Green apples are thoroughly washed in hot water and then cut into thin slices straight from the peel (only the core is removed).After that they put in a deep bowl, flavored with red pepper and cinnamon.Also fruit sprinkled with freshly squeezed lemon juice.This is necessary not only for taste and flavor, but also to ensure that they are not blackened.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed laid out, and then shift into a beautiful salad bowl at the bottom of which is lined with pre-leaves of lettuce.In this form, the diner dish presents guests before the main meal.

makes quick sweet fruit salad and yogurt

fruit salad with yogurt (photo of this dish is presented in this article) is very popular with the children.And this is not surprising.After all, this dish always get incredibly beautiful, sweet and delicious.To verify this, we recommend that you do it right now.For this we need:

  • sweet red apples - 2 pcs .;
  • ripe bananas - 2 pcs .;
  • soft ripe kiwi - 2 pcs .;
  • soft pears - 2 pcs .;
  • pomegranate seeds - 30 g;
  • red grapes - 100 g;
  • sweet yogurt - add optional.

products processing

purchasing all of the fruit, should immediately begin processing them.To do this, the ingredients are thoroughly washed and peeled, seed boxes, seed and stalks.Then cut all the fruit is not very large cubes.

The formation of lettuce

Sweet fruit salad is always formed very easily.In deep containers spread pears, apples, bananas, red grapes and kiwi.Then they pour the sweet natural yogurt and stir well.At the end, a very beautiful and colorful dish.As

bring to the table?

make fruit salad with yogurt, it is spread on a glass kremanki.After that, the dish is decorated with the help of garnet grains and teaches guests with a dessert spoon.

Maintain a snack in the filled form (in the refrigerator or at room temperature) is highly undesirable.Otherwise it will "flow" and will not delicious and beautiful.

Besides yogurt, this dessert can be charged and slightly melted cream, as well as any syrup or honey.


considered our recipes fruit salads are not the only ones.By being creative imagination, and using the right products, you will be able to make even more original and delicious desserts from which will never give any of your guests.