How many times you can do a cesarean section?

birth of a baby - this is probably the most long-awaited, important, exciting moment in the life of each of the fairer sex.The appearance of the baby can occur naturally or by caesarean section.The latter type of birth is currently gaining popularity.This article will tell you how many times you can do a caesarean section.We should also consider every side of the issue and make a conclusion.You find out what the doctors say about how many times you can do a cesarean woman.

Caesarean section

This manipulation of a few centuries ago led to irreversible consequences and death of women.The fact is that doctors do not sutured the uterus, and a combined fabric top.New mother died within hours from severe blood loss.

Now everything has changed.Medicine has made a leap forward.Many women even in the absence of indications wish their kids were born this way.The procedure is done under anesthesia, using one of several types of anesthesia.During manipulation of the physician cuts the lower part of the peritoneum, uterus opens and removes the infant.Later, all the layers of the wound sutured.

How many times you can do a cesarean section?

doctor's opinion on this issue is ambiguous.Rather, it depends on the individual characteristics and condition of the body of the future mother.Some ladies can easily tolerate the procedure and decided to hold the third, fourth and fifth baby born this way.Others are of the fair sex too hard recovering from surgery and realize that they just once.Consider the different sides of this issue.

use of anesthesia during surgery is always used anesthetic.Anesthesia may be general or epidural.In the first case, a woman sleeps around and did not see.Epidurals also allows you to understand everything, to see and hear, but did not feel the pain.How many times you can do a caesarean section, in the case of anesthesia?

Doctors say that none of anesthesia does not pass in vain for human health.One of anesthesia on average takes about five years of life.That is why doctors and anesthesiologists strongly recommend the use of anesthesia is more than 5-6 times in a lifetime.The exceptions are only those cases where anesthesia is vital.

From the genitals

How many times you can do a cesarean section?Women's uterus is arranged in such a way that his whole life is able to make and play the light of the order of 5 children.However, many women have for kids 7-13 and successfully give birth to all subsequent ones.

Doctors also believe that the sixth child - a woman has a high risk.Over time, the reproductive organ is stretched and loses its elasticity.However, with age, it happens with all the muscles of the human body.Special danger occurs when the uterus has a few scars.With each subsequent pregnancy increases the risk that the genital organ is simply gets going early.

women's health

How many times you can do a cesarean section to avoid harm to health?This procedure is a surgical procedure, after which the newly-fledged mom needs a long recovery and rehabilitation.Also, a woman as soon as possible to gain the strength to take care of the baby.All of this is difficult.

With each subsequent surgery recovery period only increased.That is why women are becoming more difficult to rehabilitate and return to his duties.On average, healthy representative of the fairer sex is able to transfer such operations 3-4.

What doctors say?

as to how many times you can do a caesarean section, reviews of obstetricians, gynecologists and surgeons reported the following: the manipulation is not necessary to carry out more than two or three times.All because of the complexity of the operation and the risk to women.

fact that during Cesarean incision is made not only of layers of the peritoneum, and the field of reproductive organ at a specific location.Doctors can not at each operation to select a new segment.Doctors have to carefully open the already sewn hole.All this is a big risk for the woman and for her future children.

Some women after the third operation produces closure of the fallopian tubes.This is a reliable way to protect and guarantee that no longer have had to lay down on the operating table for caesarean section.

What can we say about animals?

How many times can a dog do a cesarean section?Veterinarians and Surgeons no particular limitations.If the animal is young and has no health problems, it is possible to carry out the procedure if necessary.Most dogs give birth to yourself after surgery.Occasionally there is a need to re-cesarean.


So, from the above which it can be concluded?How many times you can do a caesarean section for women?

If there are no specific indications of manipulation of the better and refuse at all to give birth naturally.However, there are times when a woman has a health problem, and doctors do not allow her natural childbirth.In this case, the operation is best done no more than two or three times in my life.This prerequisite is a sufficient interval between manipulations.Doctors say that surgery pregnancy should occur no sooner than two years.The more break, the stronger will be the seam on the uterus while carrying a child, and therefore less risk of complications.

Remember that no caesarean section does not pass without a trace.Always plan for the future and keep women's health under control.