How to choose makeup for brown eyes every day

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natural beauty

Owners brown eyes incredibly lucky.Everyone knows that dark eyes women are a kind of magnet for men, because they seemed to fascinate and captivate the stronger sex in its depth and sensuality.That is why a special role in the appearance of these women played correctly configured makeup.However, even without a gram of cosmetics on her face brown-eyed girl looks spectacular and brighter Blondes with light eyes.However, this does not mean that these girls do not need to be painted.Preliminary makeup for brown eyes every day is very important, because before going out for a short time can be significantly refresh its own unique way.This will help to make on others simply unforgettable experience.So do not neglect the extra time at the mirror to make-up for brown eyes every day.

colors shadows

Unlike women with gray or blue eyes, brown-eyed, the fairer sex is not necessary every day to change the image, creating a new one.They will be quite a bit to emphasize the playful feline look, using everyday makeup for brown eyes.To create a flawless face girl with brown iris suitable shade of chestnut, olive or brown.The combination of several shades of make-up for brown eyes every day simply unforgettable, mysterious and attractive.Lighter colors should be applied to the inner corner of the eyes, and dark - on the outside, it will make the look even more profound.I would like to draw attention to the fact that there is a shade that brown-eyed beauties are best avoided.The girl with the eye color is absolutely not suited orange.He will look unnatural in their way and will create the effect of blurred sight, so this color is better not to use.I must say that this is the only color that they are not talking, the other colors in the palette of shadows with the skillful application will look very impressive.

soft and deep look

well-chosen colors enhance the beauty of the eye shadows, keeping their warmth and brilliance.It is important not to overdo it with make-up, especially in the hot season.No need to paint a bright eye, easy on the make-up every day includes a small correction forms to emphasize the dignity of their owner.So far among make-up artists are heated debates about how to use makeup for brown eyes black ink.Many are inclined to the orientation on the hair color when choosing colors for brown-eyed beauties carcasses.Blondes, according to makeup artists and Light Brown girls who have brown color of the iris, it is better to use brown mascara.And to make up for brown eyes everyday girls with dark hair looked perfect, it is better to use black mascara.Brown-eyed young lady with dark hair and are the owners of a thick lashes.From the nature of their eyelashes, compared with girls blonde much darker and thicker.Therefore, it is not so important are the effects of the carcass as the density and volume.Also eyelashes should not paint too heavily and densely.This will not create a natural effect and will only spoil the image.You can use a secret make-up artists and cilia powder before applying mascara.Because of this, they do not stick together, and the ink will fall perfectly, which is also important to create an image.