How to make the tag in the "Maynkraft" - instructions

a long time playing on the same map in "maynkraft" developing and expanding its influence in the cubic world, you notice that your economy grows.The number of animals on the farm increases, keep track of them is becoming increasingly difficult.In this case, we comes in tag.How?Why in the "maynkraft" tag?If you use it on any living being, then it will rename it depending on what you have done in the engraving badge.And now let's think about how to make the tag in the "Maynkraft"?The practical value of the subject application is not particularly high, but its use will simplify your life.


In fact, the question is: "How to make the tag in the" Maynkraft "?" Is not quite true.The tag can not be made by any means, you do not need to do anything to collect, potions or crafting.There are only four ways to get this interesting subject.

  1. Indiana Jones.Or rather - travel and study.You can find a label in abandoned fortresses, temples and ruins.Or rather, in the treasures.Of course, this is a strange place to hold the name tags, but not for us to dispute the logic of the creators of the game.
  2. Fishing.Having made the bait and went to the river to fish DMPA, you may well not get the normal catch or "shoes" and a tag.For information on how to make the bait will be written below.
  3. Trade.You can purchase this item residents or other players.
  4. console.If you enter a special command, the tag gets you right into the inventory without further ordeal.Recall code: / givep name_tag.

As you know, to get the tag honest way in survival mode, you need a considerable bit of luck.But without it, even in real life does.


dealing with the question: "How to make the tag in the" Maynkraft "?", We mentioned that we will need a fishing rod.Since its crafted?We need quite a bit of resources:

  1. sticks.Is full of in any forest.Go chop wood on a workbench makes them board, well, out of boards already so we need sticks.Just one bait we need 3 pieces.
  2. thread.To get it, you need to either kill the spiders (falls from 0 to 2 pieces), or continue to explore the world in search of the web.If it is cut off with a sword, or a pair of scissors, you can get up to 4 units of material.

gain the necessary amount of resources go to the bench.We spread diagonally and stick to the extreme column 2 from top to bottom of the thread.Rod is ready.Now we go to the nearest body of water (preferably choose deeper) throws a hook and wait.As soon as the float drops into the water, press the button and use hooking poklёvku.List of items that you can pull large enough, but among other things you can catch the debris and you need a label.


Now, let's understand how to use the tag in the "Maynkraft."First of all go to the anvil.From there, you can enter the name assigned to substantially the tag that will be used.Remember that this subject can not be assigned to "tag", but if you change the game language to English at the time of application of the engraving, then the restriction will not operate.

Everything is now a name tag ready for use.Take it in your hand and go to look for the one you want to rename.You can do this with almost any living creature.The only exception is The Dragon edges.But the approach it will be difficult.To rename the essence, come to her with a tag in her hand, and then click "Use".The subject will disappear, and when you move the cursor to the mob over it will be displayed a new name.


We hope that after this article, you do not have a question: "How to make the tag in the" Maynkraft "?"It was dismantled all how to obtain the items in the game.The only thing left to do - is to point out some features and quirks of developers that can be found when you rename things:

  1. Renaming sheep "jeb_" it will change its color.
  2. If you rename a hostile mob, he will not disappear until it is killed.
  3. If applied to the tag name "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm", Then there will be flipped upside down.
  4. Renaming rabbit "Toast" it will also change its color.
  5. When using tags in the last friendly establishment will receive an additional 10 points of health.