What advantages does rtf-format?

MS Office applications known to virtually all computer users have if not the world, in our country for sure.Such popularity is largely due to the growing needs of the modern world in the creation and exchange of information.In any modern state institution on a daily basis are created and sent thousands of documents, but because there is a persistent need for programs which could standardize and simplify the process.

However, in this regard, a much more interesting rtf-format, which in most cases can be positioned as a universal means of information transfer.By the way, what he so good?Why not use the doc?

fact that the rtf-format openly supported by virtually all operating systems and can be read by a simple text editor.To use it, no need to install complex, heavy and expensive office suites.Most of the applications to work with text data supports the preservation of this standard.

But even for this rtf-format users are so fond of.In contrast to the above doc, as well as docx, odt, and other similar files, it can contain only text.Inexperienced users may decide that in all the above varieties of text documents there is nothing else, but it is not.The fact is that in the same beloved by our domestic users of office doc format may be macros.In fact, it is the most real programs that can be used by hackers is not good purposes.

That they account for a considerable part of the infections that occur at run time downloaded from the Internet text documents.Using the rtf-format, you actually risk nothing.But he has certain disadvantages, which also need to take into account the preservation of performing their work.For example, to convert rtf-format txt, still have to use any office application.But this is not much of a problem.

For example, the format can not be used to create a dynamically linked documents.The introduction of objects in the document receiver leads to a significant increase in the size of the latter.In this connection, sometimes used a method in which communication is established only with the source.The object is displayed while the document receiver, but does not retain it, as in the document has a link to the original file or object.Therefore, do not insert particularly large pictures in rtf-format.

In addition, he has certain problems with formatting.So, do not try to save important documents or diploma in the format rtf.You open it, you will always find, that only guarantees to keep the original look of your creations nobody will.In addition, practically no backward compatibility.Simply put, if you save a job in the old version, the new application, it almost certainly will not.

hope for OpenSource products are not worth it, because at the moment, Microsoft (namely the company is the creator of the format), laid out in the open access only the primary version rtf.