Chekhov, "Surgery": summary of Chekhov's "Surgery" - about the story?

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known that Anton Chekhov - the author of many short humorous stories.As part of the description of the nature of his character, he was a consummate master.His heroes "come alive" in the works."Read one of them, and then look out the window and see a continuation of his life.All the characters in the stories of the author - are residents of our town.Their conversations, appearance, clothing, mannerisms: all literally snatched from books like Chekhov. "Thus spake the master of the KI Chukovsky.The story of Anton Pavlovich "Surgery" was written by him in the style of realism.This is a small episode in the life of the County Hospital.The main characters - the medical assistant by the name of chicken and who came to see him the sexton of the local church Vonmiglasov.The following is a summary of Chekhov's "Surgery".

Vonmiglasov comes to receiving

district hospital.Because the doctor had left to get married, the reception is a paramedic Sergei Kuzmich chicken.This stout man of forty unkempt appearance.It shabby serge jacket and trousers.He sits and smokes a cigar stench spreads.At the reception comes a local deacon Vonmiglasov.This is an old tall man.He is dressed in a brown robe with a wide leather belt.Upon entering, it looks through the eyes of an icon, and did not find itself in the doctor's office, standing next to cross on a bottle of carbolic solution.Then the deacon pulls out from the folds of clothing communion bread and puts it before the chicken.Asked paramedic "What complaining?" Vonmiglasov replies that pesters his strong toothache, so that "at least lie down and die."The last night before taking the sexton had not slept, and now hopes that "redeemer" paramedic rescue him from this nightmare.It would seem, adversity - an intolerable toothache patient.Above what you can show off?What can you make fun of?But the author, a master of the humorous and satirical genre, then so comically depicts the main characters that it is impossible to keep from smiling.Read on Chekhov's story "Surgery".

Flattery deacon

attendant tells his charge to sit on a chair and his mouth open.Sexton quickly carry out his instructions.Chicken frowns and sees a mouth sore tooth with a large hollow.All this time Vonmiglasov not to speak.He tells the doctor that his father told him to put the deacon to the gum with horseradish vodka, Glikeriya Anisomovna gave him a thread from Mount Athos and advised to rinse your mouth with warm milk ... Nothing helped.In this chicken replies that, they say, all the prejudices that only medicine can cure a sore tooth.A solution is one thing - you need to pull out a tooth.Then the assistant deacon accepted flatter, calling him a "benefactor" and then promising to pray for him day and night.Chicken praise pleasant.He smiles and says that this is the case for a "piece of cake".As an example, he cites the case of a landowner Alexander Ivanovich Egypt, when he came to the chicken with a sick tooth and asked him to tear.Sergei Kuzmich previously never done, all arranged as it should.Even a summary of Chekhov's "Surgery" is able to convey the character of the protagonists.At the beginning of the story is important chicken and boastful.It makes a significant mines, trying to "put the fog", using medical terms incomprehensible sacristan.And that, in turn, polite to the doctor, affable.Vonmiglasov advance praises him for the result, flattering him.His face a mask of humility and complete trust in this hapless "luminary of science."How will it change the characters and their relationship to each other, we shall see.

procedure begins

patient without getting tired praising the doctor, sitting, his mouth wide open.Chicken solemnly announces that pulling teeth need to competently sometimes can be limited only to the key or goat's leg, and in some cases may require forceps.Attendant picks up first a cigarette, looks at it, then puts it back, taking the tongs and starts to work, asking the patient to open his mouth wide.On the procedure of pulling the tooth below tells the story of Chekhov's "Surgery".Summary works reveal to us all the details of this complex surgery.

«seven circles of hell" Vonmiglasova

Sexton zazhmurivaetsya that there are forces.A few minutes in the office heard the words: "Holy Mother ..." "Fathers benefactors ...", "www ...".Chicken, all the tension, pulling a tooth, sometimes screaming, "Do not tovo like it!Do not grab hands!Now now…".Vonmiglasov, unable to endure a hellish pain, shouting: "Fathers!Guardians!Angels!Help ... Yes yank back! "The doctor pulls with all his might, but in vain.The patient's eyes bulge, high leg lifts, moves his fingers.His face turns purple, there are tears.It takes half a minute more painful.Chicken marking around it, but the result is not.When you read these lines in front of us gets the picture: on the chair sits a poor sick, opening his mouth and waving his hands in pain.And next to him is the doctor, sleeves rolled up, and drags the tooth forceps.The same image will appear in front of the eyes of the reader familiar with the story of Chekhov, when he hears the words: "Chekhov.Surgery. "It is a summary of the work presented here, and it conveys the basic sense of the author's creation.

Failure Dr.

Suddenly pliers slip off the tooth.The patient and the doctor hard breath.Then the sacristan climbs fingers in his mouth and discovers that the ill-fated tooth still in place.He begins to reproach the doctor that he delayed too long.Chicken in turn is justified and is trying to prove that the patient's own fault: grabbed by the arms, disturbed, kicked, and that the result is zero.Paramedic seats of his client, intending to repeat the attempt to wrest the aching tooth.He requested a minute to catch my breath and once again prepares for execution.Vonmiglasov gives doctors advise not to pull, and immediately pull.In this chicken mocking remarks sexton to pull teeth - it is not read in the choir and the bell drum."Surgery - is not easy" - it follows from all of its replicas.Paramedic pulling a tooth, but again he did not get.He's trying to pull, the patient screams.And suddenly - a crunch.The tooth was broken, and the spine remains in the gums.Then, reading a summary of Chekhov's "Surgery", you can make sure that the wisdom of the protagonists never showed.The patient, angry, rolling in curses, left with nothing.A doctor, rather than to somehow fix the situation, I came to him in the fray.

reviled deacon

chicken puzzled look and said, almost inaudibly: "A sort of occasion.And what if the goat leg ... ".The patient did not at first understand what happened.He sits, eyes wide, then climbs into his mouth and says, "lousy damn!Why do you, Herod, only here nasazhali? "Chicken tries to contradict him, saying that Mr. Alexander Egypt, going through this ordeal, and that did not swear.But Vonmiglasov, spewing curses and taking communion bread, goes home.We have read a summary of the story "Surgery".Chekhov in his work ridicules the pompous stupidity, rudeness, respect for rank and boasting.The final story is still open.This is a feature of the majority of works of the author.Thus, he offers the reader how to come up with their end of the story.

After reading the summary of Chekhov's "Surgery", we understand that in life there are many situations that seem at first glance, tragic, and only the talent of the author turns the everyday scene in a humorous immortal work.