How to set up their own IPTV

know what IPTV?This interactive digital television, is a new generation of broadcasting.Many people wonder how to configure IPTV.Please clarify some points, not all clear yet.This is not about television broadcasts over the Internet.IP - is the Ā«Internet ProtocolĀ», but this does not mean that the user can open a favorite Web page to view the desired program or movie.


IPTV - is the only method of transmitting data over high speed driving, and secure network.This service is provided - this is the company that carried out the network cable or Ethernet-establish an ADSL-modem.They compete with satellite and digital TV.IPTV resembles a simple cable broadcasting, a house, it does not follow the special coaxial cable, and through the same channel through which the Internet works.There are providers that use encryption flow, so some of the channels can be viewed only through a set-top box using a PIN or ID card.Let's see how to configure IPTV.

First you have to download the installation file of the player.If you downloaded it before, you should make sure that you have an active connection to the Internet, or will not be able to use the auto-tuning provided by the ISP.

Set Player

After you download a file, open it.Before you install a window, you can select the language.Read the greeting, click "Next".This opens a list of different services.It is better to dwell on what is offered by default.Select "Setting", uncheck the additional services.You will then see a list of programs.It:

  • IP TV Player;
  • VideoLAN-ins;
  • labels.

Select the folder in which to place the program again or accept the default settings.Then click "Finish". important point

Now let's see how to configure IPTV.First, you need to start IP TV Player, then choose a package (you can base), click "OK".Open player, if all is well, and switches will work, there is no need for additional settings.If the channels do not appear, then this could be for several reasons:

  • necessary to register the network card settings.
  • Because running VPN-connection channels may not appear.It is not necessary to turn off, select the required interface.Check the IP-address of the network card.
  • If all else fails, go to the advanced settings, check your channel - the list should be updated automatically.Everyone can figure out how to configure IPTV.

Yet look at how to do it directly on the TV.It all depends on the model and brand.The main thing - to be Ethernet-connection or Wi-Fi router and software.If the software is missing, the setting should be done through a set-top box, media player.

So now you know what an IP TV.The technology is such that one can see on the screen bright and vivid picture, which is not dependent on weather conditions, setting the TV and the cable length.The player has an electronic TV guide - the program schedule, which is very convenient.

If you encounter difficulties with how to configure IPTV-Rostelecom, then contact your provider - and experts will give you the necessary advice.