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What is it in a foreign language in the majority of our fellow citizens?First of all, it's a lot of pauses and hesitations, in connection with which the meaning of what has been said often transformed beyond recognition.The inability to express their thoughts and ideas makes people more nervous.A perpetual habit of mentally pronounce the phrases in Russian and then translate them into the target language makes conversation quite unnatural phenomenon.

Level Intermediate - the stage in the study of language that assumes a smooth transition from the above symptoms to a more advanced level of foreign ownership of speech.Knowledge of this category are minimal for most highly paid jobs.Let's see what is the level of Intermediate.

1. Automated application language grammatical units.By this is meant not just knowledge of the rules, and competent and effortless to use them in a live speech.

2. An extensive vocabulary, the frequent use of idioms, phraseology.Literate replace words in a synonym or definition (explanation) in a foreign language.The ability to articulate his thoughts.The ability to keep the conversation going any direction, and the ability to argue, leading competent arguments.

3. Letter: A clear statement is written, the correct use of grammatical phenomena.

4. unambiguous understanding of the general meaning (content) heard foreign speech against the general context.

However, given that the level of knowledge of the language (Intermediate) is only an intermediary, it is quite possible, if in the course of the study will be a slight error (lexical or grammatical errors), and some words are pronounced with a slight accent.

expand vocabulary, strengthening grammar knowledge necessary to move forward.To consolidate their knowledge, which correspond to the middle category (Level Intermediate), speakers of different languages ​​of the Council include:

1. Learn not the words, and phrases.It is believed that a group of words related to the meaning of "stuck" in the memory stronger.If the value of a word is forgotten, the memory comes complete phrase memorized earlier.Accordingly, the general meaning of the phrase can be assumed the translation of a single word.

2. Think in the target language.Intermediate level requires not only the ability to speak a foreign - and the person should be able to think "differently".Some teachers encourage students to focus not only on the phrase, but also on the individual - is already memorized - words.For example, in the morning thinking about words like "bed", "toothbrush", "breakfast".On the way to work keeping in mind the "machine", "work", "computer", "colleague", and so on. D. This exercise promotes more rapid development of the ability to think in a foreign language.

3. Conduct with a conversation, talk aloud in a foreign language.Medium (Intermediate) level test which includes a review of all aspects of language (both written and oral) is minimal when passing, for example, the language of public examinations.Therefore, they must work out as often as possible, not only with the teacher, but also independently.A training session in the form of a conversation with himself fit perfectly.