English language learning

Today, in the age of powerful innovation and industrial development, the search for new ideas in all areas of activity, the implementation of education reforms, special requirements apply for pupils, students and employees of various companies and organizations.Now to the list of mandatory knowledge and skills include proficiency in English as a universal means of international communication.Currently, without the knowledge of the English language can not be development and computer, because most programs and games presented in the English version, and even for the elementary program is loaded, it is important to know under what key words need to press so as not to block the entire operating system.

Learning English is divided into several stages:

  • Getting basic knowledge.Initially, you need to learn the alphabet, basic hyphenation, transcription, remember the first, the most simple words.
  • Mastering the rules of reading, pronunciation features.
  • Then begins not less important, even more complex and voluminous stage of the study of grammar.
  • skills for translation.
  • Drafting proposals free translation from Russian into English and vice versa.

lot of interesting and useful information that will help up to a new level of knowledge, can be found at http://www.esperanto.ru/page/2593/.

Translation from Russian into English is divided into literary translation, business and technology.Of course, it is best to master the three techniques of translation, it is a great advantage when applying for a job.But at the initial path one chooses the option that seems to him the most urgent and important.

Literary translation is a common, having this skill, you can easily read books and newspapers in English, know what they say in the English-language film, about what was the song.It's a great feeling when after a few weeks of training, you know, finally, is talking about a favorite song.However, very often the impression of re-heard song changes, it turns out that its meaning is not so romantic as it was thought before.

Business English is important for those who often goes on business trips abroad or receives foreign guests.This type of transfer has some differences from the literary translation, there is important information transmission without symbolic colors.Take youk seat, please - sit down, please, says the director of welcoming visitors to business partners, inviting to the conference room.What would you like some coffee, tea?- Coffee Tea?

Technical English is most appreciated because of its complexity, richness terms.Having mastered this system can be translated to provide paid services to reading the instructions on the plasma TV or a new-fashioned refrigerator, computer or other equipment.