What is the spelling?

What is the spelling?This question is given by everyone at school.However, to fully understand that holds up to this concept, it is not easy.Try to understand.

Thus, spelling is the set of rules that define the rules for the transfer of words and sentences in writing by means of signs.The main function of a spell is the creation of common rules in the writing words for each person in order to make communication clear other media specific language.Since the spelling appeared simultaneously with the script, it was written has an impact on its basic rules.Spelling in different languages ​​built on different principles - phonetic, morphological and semantic, but more on that later.

history of Russian spelling

To better understand what the spelling of the Russian language, you need to learn a little of the facts of its history.At the heart of the modern Russian alphabet is Cyrillic - alphabet, which was used by the ancient Slavs.According to legend, the Cyrillic alphabet was invented by the Greek mi

ssionary to preach Christianity in the Slavic countries.Later in Cyrillic began writing the manuscript.In the 18th century, Peter the civil alphabet invented later, in 1917, held a spelling reform.After a few decades, in 1956, new rules have been streamlined - "Rules of Russian spelling and punctuation."

What spelling: spelling principles

1) Morphological principle.It is to establish a common writing concrete morpheme, regardless of differences in their phonetic pronunciation.This principle has a high level of comprehension.This spelling is regarded as a perfect and promising others.Note that the Russian orthography built precisely morphemic principle.

2) phonetic principle.This character is focused on building a spelling pronunciation.The words, according to him, are written as pronounced.General Writing can be achieved by a general designation of specific sounds.If the language is based on a spell, it is very difficult to follow the accent on the letter.It is believed that each person hears the word in his own way, so if the spelling is based solely on the phonetic principle, to achieve its uniformity is almost impossible.

3) The historical principle.According to him, you need to write as written before, that is a principle of the spell can be called traditional.

There is also a differentiating principle, which is to distinguish on a letter that does not differ in pronunciation.It is used very rarely in distinguishing between homonyms or homophones, for example.

now check the spelling of text can be even on the Internet.The system of rules spelling has long been streamlined, and experts created a huge number of programs that can help avoid mistakes.Basic spelling rules can also be found in textbooks on the Russian language, which may have been not very interested in school days.Read them again from cover to cover, I read this article and the question "What is the spelling" will disappear once and for all.