Ghost ship .... Forgotten Abandoned

Dear friends

my article does not wake contain, she will tell you about the facts and the stories of people who themselves have seen with their own eyes some are dead, but their manuscripts has left their children and grandchildren morealive they will give us what they told their grandfather and great-grandfather ...

And so dear readers, the first thing you hear is the ship Great Eastern was mottled in 1958 he was one of the large passenger ships travel through the seasas well as one of the unfortunate.

on this ship there were strange things, and one could not explain ...

idea to build this ship belonged Izamberadu Bruyneel

he wanted to build the biggest for that time a passenger liner

he managed to persuade financiers to invest 600,000$

during the construction of the ship 2 workers died under mysterious circumstances

and one of riveters working inside the body disappeared without a latter during the descent of the ship on the water, there were quite a big problem: if the ship down lengthwise then it crashed to the opposite bank of the river for the first timeIt was tested bloc descent vessel massive construction in the river and then left the country breaking the vessel is firmly stuck on the stocks and dumb budge if the sea did not take it but this one did not notice damage eliminated a long time because of this there was a delay for the ship towater.

at the end of what has been appointed the day descent Liner water 2dekoabrya 1857 ship slowly began to float, but suddenly again there was a crash, there was a bias with respect to the movement of this happened because it was impossible to omit the extreme winch synchronous onedrums began to spin, knocking workers

five people were seriously injured Brunel managed to stop the vehicle and fix it on the platform of the descent was moved to long 3 months and cost the company 120,000 pounds Brunet was dismissed and he was made an offer to lower Great Istria for yourthrough all his attempts were failures of the ship and remain in place only January 31 1858goda very big tide, along with high winds, reaching the ship, the ship pulled into the water.

finally into the sea

later.A few hours after launching the ship was sent to the test flight (Brunet was not present at sending a ship in 1 flight from illness) and all of a sudden for the ship suffered a boiler explosion (as wrote one of the papers due to the fault of sabotage) in the boiler room that has led to more destruction ofsaid the fact the first of the pipes and the ship's deck located near as eye-witnesses said pipe soared like a rocket when it killed six members of the crew and 9 were seriously injured.Learning of this, 15 September Brunet died of a heart attack.

But troubles were again trap the ship during the crossing from the ship to the port on the boat captain and two passengers mysteriously drowned

but in December 1861 caught in a storm that knocked out the steering wheel and paddle wheels, damaged partthe passenger compartment.Steamer with great difficulty got on the 7th day to the port of Cobh.Repair has managed to £ 60,000

performing one of the flights, Great Eastern collided with an underwater rock and got a hole width of 3 meters and a length of 25 meters a double bottom saved the ship from destruction passengers airliner said that they heard a very loud knockon the bottom of the ship if someone banging a hammer on it there is no place in Miri was not such Bol'shova dock to carry out repairs on this liner.

After 5 months, the repair was completed, it cost the company 70 thousand pounds.

on the ship was installed cable stacker and 5 July 1865 the ship sailed from the coast of Ireland, laying the cable along the bottom, but first to the second, then on the seventh day of the voyage recorded damage to insulation wires made of hard and brittle steel scrap bendsand broke through the insulating sheath.We had to pick them up and repair.August 2 cable (it was already laid 1968 km) broke off and went to the bottom.All attempts to raise him were in vain.

last years Great Istria

In 1874 was built a special vessel for laying cables, called Faraday.Great Eastern was taken out of service for over 10 years and was laid up.In 1885 it was bought for £ 26,000 and was used as a coal After the depot.In 1888, the ship sold at auction for £ 16,000 for scrap.


ship dismantled 18 months until 1890 as the sources say found 2 skeleton between the skin of the ship she was boleeodnogo meters 1skelet belonged riveters who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the construction of ship and 2 skeleton belonged to a boy apprentice tagzhe was foundbag with rusty tools and rivets ......... tried to keep silent about it but maybe this is the all the troubles of this ship vid every flight, he was carrying two skeletons ...