"Mobile" Fraudsters

Financial pyramids, popularly known scam, there are now "charitable" translation - there is no limit imagination of swindlers and borders.No matter how much talking at all "corners" that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap on a hook various adventurers and fraudsters still come across new victims.The number of victims could get every man, even though he is the most conservative (as they say, and the old woman happens proruha).But with the expansion of the field of activity of such adventurers chances of that increase.Recently, scammers have mastered a new field of activity - cellular communication.Do not they say, and do not mean primitive sluchayai "divorce on the money", ieSubscribers with a stranger and an unknown number comes SMS-notification "replenish balance" represented by a number or an urgent call to the specified in the SMS-message phone number in the arsenal of mobile scams, there are more sophisticated, cunning tricks.

Early Saturday morning student Valentina Semenyutin rang - it was a

young man.He politely and representative voice inquired whether she had any claim to serving its cellular company.Due to the fact that it hurts too much frequent complaints of subscribers.When he heard that the girl there and she pritenzy everyone happy, said the mandatory need to "test the SIM-card phone".This required him to call from a landline (home) phone number on the federal pre calmed the girl: "Do not worry, the call is free!".At the other end replied the young man.Valentine with his words typed on a mobile complex combination of digits, then dictated the code that I saw on the screen of the phone.As soon as she came to an SMS-message with the following content: "You have successfully transferred 300 rubles.the subscriber's account (the phone number was). "There was a naive question: "What was that?", But it was not to ask anyone in the handset beeps were heard.And next month, Valya got another bill from your telephone company's long distance service.

┬źNow Valentine cautiously picks up the phone when the call from an unknown number."

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