Thoth Tarot - great work of Aleister Crowley

This has created a deck of tarot cards Aleister Crowley - famous esoteric beginning of the twentieth century.Thoth Tarot (kaloda cards and book) fundamental work Crowley, in which he outlined his extensive knowledge, beliefs, mystical and magical experience.To create the system (not only conjectural, but also philosophical) he spent most profound study of ancient cultures and the heritage of the secret teachings.The Thoth Tarot combined: classic fortune-telling tarot card system, knowledge and symbols of world religions and cults, sacred knowledge of ancient Egypt and even more ancient science of Kabbalah (which, incidentally, is the basis of all religions and beliefs).The author does not just create tools for practical application (divinations and predictions) ... Tarot Thoth - an attempt to understand the laws of the universe and pick up the key to them.A. Crowley himself believed his creation "Reference of occult philosophy, the direction is preceded by a magical and mystical thought for 2000 years into the future."Indeed, the information contained in this system today is not solved until the end, so the modern occultists interpret it differently.Many of them believe that the deck "comprehensive" and contains a huge amount of information for the understanding of the true meaning of the Major Arcana.

Features of this deck

Thoth Tarot deck of cards appeared in 1944, designed by A. Crowley drawings and characters complied artist and Egyptologist Frieda Harris.Along with the card was created "Book of Thoth", explains in detail the importance of Thoth Tarot cards.By building this deck is different from the classic British tarot decks (most close it is to the tarot Raider - Waite).Number of cards usually - 22 senior and 56 junior Arcana.But the picture on the cards of the Major Arcana is markedly different from the traditional: on each card set of characters needed to interpret its meaning.Figures Major Arcana mainly on the theme of Egyptian mythology (as the name implies), the Torah and the prophecy.In working on this deck artist used a completely unusual color.Meaning of the Thoth Tarot cards is somewhat different than usual;differently treated many cards, Arkan Arkan Force and Justice swapped (which corresponds to the French system of Tarot), changed the names of some of the Major Arcana;Strength named Lust, Justice - Regulation, Moderation - Art Lovers Arkan has a second name - Brothers.The Thoth Tarot interpretation of "heavy" as the Devil Arcana and Hanged more positive.Minor Arcana is also unusual in the numerical maps (from two to ten) no plot images, the value of the card is revealed with the help of complex, symbolic drawings of objects denoting the suit: drive, bowls, swords and wands.Each numerical lasso written the name reflecting its essence (this often confuses novice who took first in the hands of Thoth Tarot, the interpretation of the values ​​of this deck of cards no easier others).

Recommendations for choosing cards

To work successfully with Tarot cards, it is important to get in touch with the concrete deck, there is not a small role played by the subconscious.When the figures and symbols shown on map and intuitive - it is "your" deck.Therefore, when choosing a Tarot deck is to trust only themselves, their feelings.Even the most authoritative recommendations are unlikely to help you with this.If you like the Thoth Tarot, you can safely work with it, even if you're just starting to learn the Tarot.And if you are afraid of "questionable" Aleister Crowley's popularity, you should not put too much trust everything that is written about him.Reading the book and working with the cards they created, you are better able to understand and master of his world.Then you "first hand" learn his philosophy suits you or not.