The geographical location of Africa.

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The African continent is the second largest in the world.It is bordered by two oceans and several seas in its territory, which consists of 29.2 million sq. Kilometers, is located 55 states.The population of the continent lives below the poverty line, with the exception of some countries.Africa's geographical position is such that it is located right in the northern and southern hemisphere.Because of this the climate here is very diverse.

ends of the land mainland

Our description of the geographic location of Africa will start with capes that are extreme points of the sides of the world.So eastern point - it is Cape Blanco (as it is called Ras Engel, Ben Secca or El-Abyad).It is located in Tunis, on the Mediterranean coast.Many vacationers who visit this particular country, often come to this famous place.South at a point in Africa is Cape Agulhas, which is also sometimes called the Agulhas.It is located in South Africa, near the famous Cape of Good Hope.West end point on the continent is Cape Almadies.It is located in Senegal, on the peninsula of Cape Verde, and the Atlantic Ocean.Well, at the eastern point of the mainland is considered to Cape Ras Hafun.It is in Somalia, its slowness is 40 kilometers, and it is mainly inhabited by local tribes.

Seas and oceans

Now consider the geographic location of Africa in relation to the waters of the oceans.Since the coastline of the mainland is not very much indented bays, inlets here a little, however, as the seas.So the east coast of the continent bordering the Indian Ocean.To him adjoins the Gulf of Aden, which is located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, Red Sea, which is also shared these lands, but little to the north, and the Mozambique Channel - the longest strait in the world, which is located between the mainland and the island of Madagascar.The western coast of Africa washed by the Atlantic.It includes only the Gulf of Guinea, which relates to the coasts of several countries.Considering the geographic location of Africa with respect to the Atlantic Ocean, many also point out that the Mediterranean, which relates to the northern shores of the Gulf is a large body of water.In the south of the continent no bays or straits or sea.Then connect the two oceans.

Inland waters

internal hydrosphere on the continent is not too thick, but it is fundamentally different from any other and is considered unique and inimitable.Also note that the performance of Africa's geographical position enables us to understand that this continent - the driest in the world, because all bodies of water that are on it are gradually drying up.Thus, there occurs one of the longest rivers in the world - the Nile (length - 6852 km).Other major rivers here - is the Niger, the Congo, Zambezi and the Limpopo and Orange River in the south of the continent.The largest lake in Africa, is considered to Victoria - the deepest point is 80 meters.It is followed by Lake Nyasa, Tanganyika, which are in the ground fault of the lithospheric plates, as well as Lake Chad, which dries very quickly.

Useful deposits

description of the geographical situation of Africa would be incomplete if overlook all the minerals that are under the surface.Most of all, this continent is known for its deposits of diamonds and gold.These gifts of nature fall within the territory of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mali, Ghana, Republic of Congo.In countries such as Guinea, Nigeria, Algeria and Ghana are oil deposits.Iron, manganese, lead ore, and phosphites are under the countries of North Africa.

Relief and surface

Geographical position in Africa is mainly due to the flat terrain.North-west of the continent occupied by the Atlas Mountains, and to the south are the Cape and the Drakensberg mountains.In Tanzania, located East African Plateau, where is the volcano Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest point of the continent, which reaches 5895 meters in height.North Africa - is the Sahara desert, where there are two highland (Tibesti and Ahaggar).But the lowest point of the continent is in the Lake Assal depression - 157 meters below sea level.

Climatic conditions

geographical location of the continent of Africa causes it is very dry and hot climate.He literally crossed the line of the equator, from which the north and south differ cooler, but also with the more arid climates.Thus, the region stretches along the equator very high temperatures, which do not vary throughout the year.Also, there receive higher rainfall.In the equatorial belt is the hottest point of Africa - Dallol.To the north and south of the equator follow subequatorial zone.Here there are abundant rainfall throughout the summer and winter monsoons arrive here, bringing drought.This is followed by two tropical band.In the north of this zone is located in the Sahara Desert and the South - the Namib and the Kalahari.It is clear that these natural objects are different minimum rainfall and strong winds.

Features geographic location Africa

Note the configuration of the continent in order to determine its key features.The bottom line is that its northern part has a width of over 7500 km, while the south extends only 3000 km.For this reason, the zoning of landscapes in relation to the poles of the equator there is uneven.Also pay attention to the geographical position of Africa regarding the bays and straits.Many of them form the islands that belong to the geological features of the continent.Among them are Madagascar, Zanzibar, Canaries and others.They belong to countries such as Tunisia, Zambezi, Kenya, South Africa, Somalia.Many archipelagos completely invisible because of their small size, because even maps.