The most mysterious place on earth - where are they?

Where are our life without mysticism!All sorts of mysteries and unexplained phenomena excite our imagination, tickle nerves and beckon us.That's why writers are inventing new scary scenarios and cinemas remove another "horror", attracting a blue screen, millions of viewers.

But that's not all!True connoisseurs of all secret and inexplicable raise itself adrenaline slightly different ways - they visit the most mysterious places on Earth.Yes, my friends, on our planet, there are quite a few of those or other parts shrouded aura of mystery and veiled in mystery ... They excite the mind and imagination of sane people no less than the fictional!

What are they - the most mysterious places on the planet?

So what are they - these mysterious corners of the residence in which at creeps and covers the chilling fear?We present you the top 5 worst places on our planet.

  1. Romania.Castle Dracula - Vlad III Tepes.Probably do not need to persuade anyone that the housing of the bloody history of the world culture ruler shakes his "biography".What it does not just happen.There's no place that was not stained with blood unfortunate people over which ruthlessly mocked Count Dracula.
  2. Bermuda Triangle.It is widely known throughout the world anomalous zone.Perhaps today it is the most mystical place in the world, which is very popular among scientists and tourists.It is in this area, since 1840, began to disappear ships, aircraft and submarines ... It is located between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida.Until now, a mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is not disclosed.No one can answer the question of what lies behind these disappearances.
  3. most mystical places in the world are not only historical monuments and natural areas.For example, in the Czech Republic, in the town of Siedlce, the famous "Museum on the bones."No, it is not built in the cemetery, quite the contrary ... This museum is a unique Ossuary: all parts of its interior are cut and assembled from human bones.Nobody knows exactly how many skeletons went for it.
  4. Some of the most mystical places in the world are in our country.For example, in Moscow (near Hovrino) is the infamous "unfinished" - Hovrinskaya Hospital.It abandoned the unfinished building of the three 15-storey buildings, arranged in a biohazard symbol.Since 1985 there is created unimaginable nightmare:-Satanists sects settled, kills people and domestic animals, there were rape and suicide.Until now, this place is a party bypass locals.Tourists are also recommended to visit an abandoned hospital Hovrinskuyu.
  5. Scotland.Loch Ness.This place is also known for its mystery, along with the Bermuda Triangle.Probably do not need to remind you what it is famous, because each of us knows the legend of the monster that supposedly lives on the bottom of the pond.From the point of view of scientists, if there is something there is, it is the most common long-living plesiosaur, miraculously escaped from the global cataclysm since the age of dinosaurs.

Here they are - the most mysterious places on Earth.In this article, we have given you only five of the most well-known objects.In fact, they are very, very much!