Troll - a good-natured Snusmumrik or a horrible murderer?

distant ancestors of modern Scandinavians at the mention of the name of the creature began to tremble with fear, whispering a silent prayer.What kind of monster it?Friends, this is a troll!

This fairy-tale characters, presented in different ways in a particular era.For example, modern science fiction has given these creatures close repelling qualities: they are very huge, horribly ugly, brainless.
In addition, they are constantly preoccupied with the same problem: how to fill their insatiable maw and filled up fast asleep.A Scandinavian folklore, trolls presents us more as their needs.Troll - is a creature endowed with enormous physical strength and supernatural abilities!But where is the truth?

How did they look?

Friends and truth in this matter we have not even syschem day and a bright fire!After all, if you believe the ancient legends, these creatures looked completely different, and each of the descriptions has a right to exist: some say it is the big man the size of a whole mountain, while others argue that a troll - this little creature, has a ponytail and placedin your pocket (eg Snusmumrik).

interesting that in the minds of trolls except the hair grew dirtiest: moss and trees!According to legend, the number of goals, or those of other trolls was different: one, five, ten ... It was thought the more heads - the older, wiser and more experienced this creature.This language troll was so long that it could catch worthless fellows, fled in different directions at the sight of these nightmarish creatures!Many trolls adored thus seize and devour their prey alive.

where they live?

believe that the root trolls country - this is Norway, but our heroes existed in Iceland and in the dense forests of Sweden and the Orkney and Shetland Islands.Contrary to popular belief, Denmark trolls never had, because they do not like them were flat and treeless land ...


Some trolls hermits loved to live, taking the whole mountain, and others created their own family, joining intribes.Some legends say that our heroes could form the whole kingdom with a clear hierarchy and vertical power.Maybe the famous Shrek - this is an example of such a "state" lifestyle trolls, despite the fact that he - ork.

What else do we know about them?

Here's what: Some legends say that the troll - is not the enemy of mankind!Not always they were killing and devouring people.Very often, these being just grabbed women, take them home to my cave, making a slave.The poor girl had to put up with the eternal darkness and dampness of the underground lair of a troll.She was there as a cook: the trolls brought pieces of human flesh and bones, and their slaves were to prepare them a hearty meal.

If a woman was beautiful, it often becomes the wife of the male troll.She rubbed some magic potion that turn the poor thing into a monster: her face was dark, covered with wrinkles, his nose swelled and the skin covered with hair ...