Secrets of life.

Can I wear clothes of the dead man?The question that is impossible to give a definite answer.On the one hand, there is nothing reprehensible, but on the other - any items which are closely contacted once living man left traces of his power.About this talk.

There is a belief, which prohibits the use of personal items of the deceased or to wear his clothes.It is believed that any thing or that person is energetically connected with it.No wonder that at the time of death of the person on his arm stopped the clock.There were cases when the death of his master refused to work ... home appliances!In general, the longer we use our things, the more established between us and them relationship.

Can I wear clothes of dead people?

We think not, and here's why.Energy deceased - is the state of his health, personality traits, traits, values ​​of life.And all of this is concentrated in one or another of his things.Moreover, in such subjects focused necropolis deceased.It is a certain vibration, reflecting its current state - the death of the physical body.

most vulnerable in this sense are personal ornaments of the deceased, his rings, bracelets, earrings and crucifix.The fact that the metal, stones and round shape of the object is different, "sponge" to absorb, generate and store this energy.In other words, if a person has died, for example, of any cancer, you should already understand what kind of necropolis will focus in his goodness.In this case, wear clothes of the deceased person - so negative information contact the Cancer nature.

This rule also applies to the woolen clothes of the deceased on his bed, as sweat allocation significantly increased the negative vibrations.Incidentally, it is the properties of the retention of certain information and based the creation of various amulets, talismans and amulets.

People doubt whether you can carry things a deceased person, in any case is not recommended to give away their friends and acquaintances.It is not known what fate awaits them talented people.But what to do in this case?Really just go and throw out all the things dear to you man?

No!We do not call relate to the question: "Can you carry things a dead man?"- So fatal to throw them.It would be wrong, and even silly.We propose to subject these things energoochistke.To do this, you should contact a knowledgeable and able to do it man.Do not forget to bed late!This event is called the energy-hygiene.

People that the question "is it possible to carry things the deceased person" respond positively, leading his own "recipes" energoochistki.They are advised to soak the clothes of the deceased in salt water for several hours, then rinse, dry it thoroughly and be sure to iron.As for the other personal items of the deceased, they are advised to sprinkle holy water.