Recall folk omens: that's what itches?

There are many superstitions and omens, are associated with the scratching of certain body parts.Perhaps someone they seem strange or funny, but they were used by many generations of people and continue to use so far, arguing that most of the predictions associated with them come true.Learn what will happen in the near future, some help to these signs.That's what itches, we consider in this article.Here are some of the beliefs associated with scratching, they are true or not - judge for yourself.

Folk omens: itchy eyes

is believed that the left eye itches to tears, distress or trouble.There is a legend that in medieval times the witches before they were burned at the stake, scratched right eye to show everyone that after her death certainly had an accident.The left Zenica, on the contrary, to the delight of itches.With these signs of superstition is connected: if you each zasverbel right eye, you can try to take trouble.For this we need to scratch his right hand left eye, then the sign of the cross and say a prayer.The people goes a saying associated with this sign: "The left eye itching to tears, right - to any look."

What itchy nose?

Signs associated with this part of the face, have several interpretations.The most popular one is saying that the nose itches drinking ("itchy nose - in a glass look").While some believe that this interpretation came up in our time.Another meaning signs - impending unpleasant conversation with someone, quarrel or fight.As the saying goes, "good nose fist feels far off."

What itchy lips?

If you feel itching on the lips, it is possible that it will not accept, and starting a cold.As for the superstition, it is considered that this part of the face is scratched for a kiss.During World War II, all the men went to war, and in the villages remained only women.Therefore, passing a Man, Woman specially rubbed his lips, thus showing that it is not averse to kiss him."The mouth itching - eat goodies" - is another meaning of the signs.

what's what itches: ears

"combed ear - wait for news."Another option prediction - change in the weather.Lobe, believed to have scratched the warmth, if you were born in the spring and summer, or cold - when the autumn and winter.Sometimes a person can hear the ringing in the ears, it is also a sign, which has its own interpretation.If ringing in the right ear, it is a good news, if the left - to the bad news.

Other signs: what's what itches

  • eyebrow - to tears or appointment.
  • Palm - right hand itches to the money, and left to parting with them.
  • Elbow - to grief.
  • bridge of the nose - to the deceased to death.Nostril - portends a christening.
  • cheeks - to tears.
  • Heels - road.
  • knee - will be jealous of a loved one.

Here are the basic beliefs related to scratching anything.Of course, over time, have disappeared or have changed some interpretations, and the signs.That's what itches?This question is not so relevant in our time, and someone will seem ridiculous.While certainly there are people who still believe in omens, and listened to their predictions.