Who is the Count Saint-Germain?

Count Saint-Germain - one of the most enigmatic personalities in history, particularly the history of the eighteenth century.He has many names and lived lives even more mysteries that we will probably never be able to comprehend and discover.

contemporaries describe him as a man of medium height, stocky build, with expressive and captivating look.Life Rank was shrouded in mystery.He then disappeared, then appeared in various places under new names.

Age it was impossible to determine, and it all came together.Perhaps this is what formed the basis of the legend that Saint Germain holds the secret of longevity.Some elderly aristocrat remembered that the Count Saint-Germain has visited interiors of their grandmothers.Should we believe them?Who knows.But the fact remained - the age of the count, as well as the dates of his birth and death, has been and remains shrouded in mystery.

Count Saint-Germain was known in many places, he took an active part in the political events of the time, led the diplomatic game.Therefore, it was called a schemer and the adventurer.But this adventurer had knowledge about everything.

For example, he was a polyglot - speaking entirely different languages ​​without an accent.Thus, Count Saint-Germain spoke English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and other languages.As for history, he knew her so well that one would have thought if he had once participated in the events recounted.

But this talent is not limited to the count.He had no music played several musical instruments, writing music, hitting his mastery of the famous musicians of the time.Moreover, Saint-Germain is perfectly painted with oil.He developed a special paint that glows in the dark and the light seemed to shimmer in different colors.The composition of the paint, unfortunately, remained under the cloak of secrecy.

Also, this man developed a unique production technology, especially technology with leathers and fabrics.Thus, flax, which is bleached by its technology, similar to silk and leather, after tanning becomes like cloth.Earl was also a brilliant inventor, but mogie of his inventions are still not fit into our consciousness.Thus, Count Saint-Germain invented a spinning wheel, at work on which was formed just two strands.But it required extraordinary efforts from the worker - he had split consciousness while observing the two processes.It was therefore decided to abandon the spinning wheel, as people could not even work on it.But all this indicates that the count wanted to direct the progress towards the development of human capabilities.

esoteric side of the issue

But this is not all that involved the Count Saint-Germain.Books about him, basically, describe the mystical-religious side of his personality, which was no less mysterious than the other spheres of life.Earl created a secret society, and also served as their inspiration.But at the heart of all societies, one way or another, were common principles, such as reincarnation, evolution of man's spiritual life.

what else to do famous of whom was called "Count of St. Germain?"Predictions and again the prediction!One of the most famous prophecies Marie Antoinette was a warning about the impending catastrophe.Alas, it did not heed the advice, and the prediction was fulfilled.

secret identity of this remarkable man remains unsolved to this day.