What scratched his left ear?

Surprisingly, our people are very superstitious, despite the assertion of many that are all vestiges of the past and nonsense.But still sidestep the same accident black cats, spit over the left shoulder, so as not to jinx it.Of course, everyone knows what the right hand itches to what will greet important person.And with what pleasure spreads a smile on his face when the itching left hand, because it is to obtain a certain amount of money.
skeptical to all sorts of superstition doctors to your question "what is scratched his left ear" can develop a whole demagogy and lead a fairly significant reason for experiencing such discomfort.

Here, perhaps, the main list: the accumulation of sulfur, be sure to remove it.
This may be the reason for any water when you fail or too dived enthusiastically entertained in any body of water.No less common cause that burns and itches left ear, it may be banal allergic to the material from which made your headgear.Yet there is a medical fact that the ears are burning because of the adrenaline in a stressful situation, though with them and cheeks redden, and even lips.

For many years the people of observations deduced the pattern of occurrence of certain events or facts.According to legends, the responses to the question "what's left ear itches," oddly enough, there are several.For people who know people have different signs and observation, not difficult to figure out what is happening to you at the moment, glancing at your ears.

most common interpretation - is to rain, some drive or to a quarrel.
But not everything is so simple!If scratched left earlobe, then you will abuse it.And when the right lobe of itches, then you begin to conflict.

If someone sees that you have your ears are burning, just say: "Discuss!" And that's how it is, it depends on what kind of ears red.If right, the truth about you say, praise or even recommended as a trustworthy person.Well, if left, the most brazen lie, perhaps even criticized and disapproved.

When suddenly ringing in the ears, it is remembered you're being unkind word.Itching in the ears may indicate, as discussed earlier, the change in the weather.Which side depends only on when you were born.In the summer or spring, the warmer, if your birth date falls in the autumn or winter, it is cold.Also, the answer to the question of what's left ear itches, the birth of a baby can be someone of the familiar.

Surprisingly, in ancient times the signs were important to people's lives is not only simple, but also for the high-ranking officials.Sometimes even military action could ignite or, conversely, to cease based on the interpretation of any signs of the wise men of the court.

As you can see, the answers to the question "what is scratched his left ear," let's face it, is not so terrible, though sometimes unpleasant.The main thing is try not to take things too much to heart, do not worry, but be aware that the impact of your actions on the signs still have.