As can be conducted energy Shoe man

In today's world, a lot of negativity and negative energy, bio-energy and so many mages argue that the cleaning power of man - is that everyone needs to maintain your health and survive in the turmoil of days.


Experts say that the energy comes and goes through your fingers.Thus, the cleaning power of man must start with the work on the fingers.The simplest thing you can do - is to start pulling them, giving your muscles feel some tension at first, and then relax.This would be similar to the way a finger is removed from the ring or thimble.This certainly must think that these actions all the negative energy that exists in the body, goes into oblivion.Further, by getting rid of the negative, you need to recharge your warmth and good energy.It is sufficient to expand the brush, palms up, to raise them to the level of the neck and begin to imagine how the body absorbs all the positive things that hovers around.So people not only to get rid of negative energy, but also a great charge of positive.


Energy cleaning person can also be carried out using air.To do this, exhale all the air out of himself and immediately hold your breath.If a person can survive without air less than 12 seconds, it means that his body is overloaded with negativity.If larger, more or less normally.Such training should be carried out as often as possible.It is believed that thereby cut the communication with the negative body energy, and it leaves the person.

Spark Energy

cleaning person can also be carried out with the help of candles and prayers.This method is good to use every day to clean the body from negative plaque that can "stick" to the man of the day.To do this, take a lit candle and wrap it in a piece of paper to avoid dripping.Further reading Psalm 90, or any other prayer in cleaning, you must carry out the following steps.First, from the forehead to toe man zigzagged down the candle, then picks it up and straight down to the feet again.Further below you need a spiral clockwise to raise the candle, while not forgetting to read the prayer.Then, around the head of a candle held a circle, and ends the kind of the cross from forehead to chest and from the right to the left shoulder.During this time, a prayer, or read a plot of not less than three times.All actions are performed without haste, slowly and carefully.The candle is not extinguished, it just burns itself.

Simple rules

Clean energy channels can be carried out not only by means of specific actions, but also during normal daily business.So, after coming from the street it is necessary to wash hands, because they not only cleaned up the dirt, but also from negative energy.In the evening, be sure to wash, clean the soul and body, dropping all the negative.It is also good to avoid conflicts, they spoil the aura of a person.If they can not be avoided, during the explanation of the relationship better to remain silent and not to argue, mentally before exposing a defense that negativity floating around, not just strikes.With all of these methods can be carried out very effective cleaning energy channels.