Medical and magic stones: Beryl

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Since ancient times, people as amulets and talismans used stones.Beryl is classified as the most expensive minerals.Some of its species are among the ten most popular and valuable crystals.Mankind known following types of stone: green and blue - aquamarine, navy - August, apple-green - Göschenen, yellow - Heliodor, green - emerald, colorless - a simple beryl, yellowish-green - chrysoberyl, also called true beryl.From the color depends on the value of the mineral, as well as its medicinal and magical properties.

Since time immemorial, were divided into three types of these stones.Beryl green color - emerald, golden - heliodor, aqua - aqua.These minerals are worshiped by different nations, they used to make jewelry for royal personages, they decorated the crown, scepter.Emerald in value ranks third after diamond and ruby.Initially, it was mined in the mines of Cleopatra in Upper Egypt, the extraction of minerals and then suspended because their quality did not go to any comparison with American.

largest and most beautiful emeralds Europe saw in the days of the Spanish conquest of South America.They were taken almost all the locals mined stones.Beryl green is very pleasing to the eye.For centuries, people believed in its healing power.If a long look at the crystal, then he will give to his owner the power and enrich its spiritual protection from boredom.If you always carry an emerald, it will help to develop the gift of foresight, banish nightmares and insomnia.It will bring the most benefit if the person is wearing a ring with a stone on his little finger.

Another very common beryl is aquamarine.This crystal has a celadon, but depending on the weather or the mood of the owner, he is able to change color.The mineral that appears turquoise beam, it is poured into a thick blue.It has long been considered to be very powerful amulets for sailors these stones.Beryl blue symbolizes the sea elements, so it is often present in the royal symbol of the state, are located near the sea.

Aquamarine protects against seasickness, remained faithful spouses.It was also believed that the stone gives the owner the courage, provides security on a long journey.It is recommended for nervous and irritable people, as has a calming effect on the nervous system.Also mineral improves vision, cures toothache and headache, stimulates the removal of excess fluid from the body.It allows you to expose the deceptions, so also called "mineral honest people" blue beryl.

Stone, the magical properties which is difficult to overestimate, gives people confidence, fills the soul of kindness and sincerity.Beryl is considered feminine mineral, as it helps in many diseases of women.If you wear a bracelet with a crystal, it will protect against diseases of the ovaries and bladder, earrings will forget about the tooth and headache, and the ring will help avoid uterine prolapse.Beryl stone for Gemini is considered the true mascot and an assistant, because he is able to soothe the restless sign and drive away negative energy emanating from detractors.