Four unique method of divination for love Man

1. Guessing on the guy with the calendars.You draw a table that there were seven rows and seven columns.In the left column from top to bottom, write all the days of the week, from Monday to Sunday.The top line - all months, most of your favorite.In the right column from top to bottom, write the numbers 1 to 7 and make a name seven guys that you like (you can also speculate on a guy with this fortune teller).The empty cells of any write numbers from 1 to 30, you can repeat.Wrote?And now the most interesting.Get calendars and notes in the table are the dates that coincide with the truth.For example, March 8 Thursday.When Mark all matching days, proceed to the interpretation of divination for love Man.The values ​​of numbers from 1 to 7, which are located in the right column, you can come up with myself or take advantage of our scheme: "1" means love, "2" - indifference, "3" - the hope of relations, "4" - its invitation todate, "5" - he was busy, "6" - the coming collapse of the relationship, "7" - his imminent departure.If one of the lines was the correct date, then it will come to pass this line.If coincided several conflicting lines, you can peregadat or choose the option that much.

2. Divination for love Man schedule.It's an exciting guessing transform your name and the name of your chosen one in two lines along the way and the intersection where you know your future together.To begin, write your name and the guy.Cross out the letters, which are the same in your and his name and surname.For example, the names "Koptev Elena" and "Sergey Petrov" the same letter "e", "e", "f", "o", "c", "n."Now Draw two axes, "X" (horizontal "and" y "(vertical). See how mathematics helps in love affairs! Next Draw one line for each of you (for convenience - with different colors), with regard toThey both came from the same point (let it be "zero"). Draw the graphics look so - every uncrossed (not matched) character means moving one notch forward, right. And each crossed out (matched) the letter would mean the movement diagonally to the right-up also one notch. to draw two lines? Now see if the line once crossed, and then parted, then you are not destined to be together. And if you go along the line, then grab this guy - he's yours.

3. Divination by the love of a guy sticks and shaped as letters. First, select from the environment of three men whose feelings to yourself you want to know. "Number the" these guys so that at first was the number zero, the second - the number ofOne, the third - the number two.Now let's write ourselves a sense, such as: love, indifference, pain, cravings, respect, jealousy, resentment.Look, what we have turned the acronym: LRSTURO.Write the letters from top to bottom to get seven stitches.Next to each bukovki paint sticks as you want.In the process of drawing you can mentally formulate a question or think of guys where you're guessing.All the lines are filled with sticks?Now, they are calculated as follows: striking out every three.If all sticks crossed, that is, the number turned out to be a multiple of the number "3", write a line opposite the figure "0".If there was one stick, write the number "1" if there were two - respectively, write the number "2".Voila - now you know how you selected the guys treat you!

4. Guessing on love Man on the cards.Put down her pen, paper and card for beris - Now the fun begins!Want to know how much you love your chosen one?No problem - now everything is, even as a percentage.Take a deck of cards and tasuy her a couple of minutes, while imagining the face of a loved one.And now lays out the card to face him in pairs, that is, every two cards you put together and separated from the next pair.You need to find those pairs of cards, which is the same dignity.Get mismatched pair, they no longer need us.Now oblechёm love a guy in interest in such a way that the two matched six make up 5%, matched two cards from Seven to the dignity of King mean 10%, and two aces will give 20%.I calculate the amount?If you got less than 30% - Man your relationship is not strong.From 30% to 40% say that there is hope.From 40% to 60% of the signal strength of his great love for you.And if the amount of interest passes for 60%, you can already watch a wedding dress.

In fact, the divination for love Man should not replace your real life.Remember, only in your power to ignite the love in the heart of a loved one and let them motivate you guessing and only show good results!