Top 10 reasons for resignations

Studies American portal (total surveyed more than 8,000 employees working in the United States) show that unfair salary undisputed leader among the reasons why people are willing to quit your job in the next 3 months.These data and relevant comments are typical for Russia.

10 Too far to travel - 9% "To get to work, I spend so much time and money that it becomes simply outrageous!" Rising petrol prices could trigger many officers motorists to look for work, which will be located closer tohome.If a company is interested in his people, the staff can expect an annual salary increase at least as far as growing fuel prices.

9 Poor communication with the management - 10% of the "bosses incompetent, ignorant, too arrogant, behaving rudely and even set up hostile to employees' superiors Attention!Your employees watch your every move, take to heart every word and are inclined to interpret your behavior.If you still do not consider it necessary to communicate with their staff, the people themselves will make their findings and will vote with their feet: all of you will go.

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8 High levels of stress at work - 10.5% "After a 12-hour workday and ongoing jobs involving all hands my knees are shaking like a leaf.I need it? "A lot of people are ready to work on a proposal managers as a battery" Energizer ", despite the holidays and weekends.Sooner or later they realize that for their labor "feats" as a reward got a hard stress.Released just two: the majority of looking for another job, the minority is trying to negotiate with the leadership of a more moderate pace.

7 Unsafe work - 11.8% "Our company contractors are in Mexico, and in Asia."There is a view that because of the instability of the domestic financial company to resort to outsourcing to cut costs everywhere and total savings.Those who work in these companies, certainly aware of rumors about a possible sale of the company richer competitor, or even a possible bankruptcy.If so, then why die with the sinking ship?We need to save and the sooner forsake board, the better.

6 Inability to further professional development - 15.3%, "I think I too experienced, intelligent and promising for the company."This is the percentage of people in companies believed to have reached the peak of his professional capabilities in the current employer.These employees go in order to get a new education, start a business or find a job where you can learn something new and interesting.

5 Small bonuses and social package - 16.9% "It comes to the fact that the health insurance I pay out of pocket."Statistics show that 90% of small businesses (in the US - approx. Ed.) Each year increases its employees social package and premiums.In some places, the size of social package so large that it becomes a very serious competitive advantage.That is what makes some current employees of large companies who are saving on of benefits to look for such an employer who will pay for all accounts.

4 Boring work - 20.1% "My duties were once a challenge for me to fight, and now they are boring as the stool."Employees begin to feel unhappy at once, as soon as there is the boredom.Even socializing in the smoking room, surfing the Internet or just laziness does not help the situation.Soon it all so much that people just want to find a job.Others.

3 Inadequate recognition - 34.2% "I am here not appreciate with all my diplomas, experience and contacts in the scale of humanity I was just wasting my time."The three main benefits that a person receives from the company - the salary, bonuses and experience.Last benefit includes the habit of corporate culture, dress code, as well as a moral recognition of his personal contribution to the common cause of the company.In addition to money, people need to know and feel that they are in place and their work though someone needs.This moral compensation for many professionals is in third place after the salary and career.More often express love for their staff verbally.

2 Unequal opportunities in his career - 37.3% "My boss at a job singing sweet songs about career opportunities, but nothing real is still expected.I was led by the nose. "Career prospects - this is a very important factor that allows you to keep staff in the field, and gives them an incentive to work more confidently.Indeed, more than a third of employees are ready to leave, if they understand that they do not grow in office.Empty and unfulfilled promises, which give executives, forcing many employees did give up the fight for the increase in the framework of this firm.

1 Not enough salary - 57.2% "The salary for most positions in our company is much lower than the average market.And they did not increase for 4 years. "Too low salary is the weight argument that causes the employee to quit.It has long been proved that the basic pay fair stabilizes the mood not only the employee but also the employer, avoiding the unexpected and additional payments of bonuses when you need someone to hold urgent.Employees who are paid more, I feel happier.Many workmen got zarplatomerami sites, where each visitor can roughly assess themselves on the labor market in accordance with their experience, education, skills and potential.

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