The hopelessness of the situation and the problem of choice

make optimal decisions - it's not the same thing, just make the decision as a whole.You think that is not enough to remove the problem and the need to resolve the situation best?Welcome to the camp-neurotic perfectionists.But seriously, everyone from time to time in the life of one becomes aware of the concept of "hopeless situation".And we need to get the experience of working with them.

two conditions

In fact, even the term itself is very controversial.What is the situation hopeless?It is a situation in which certain actions are required, and they, and only they can help make a difference.That is the only true solution is assumed and the inability to renounce the decision.

Technique life easier

As seen, there are two conditions.The first condition is met for a huge number of situations in technical systems.That is, in situations where all the simplified man (and the technical system is purposely made easy), it turns out that the solution is unique and correct.That is the first criterion of a desperate situation.

Just inaction

But with the second complex.It is not observed almost never - so there is no hopeless situations.So in almost every situation, you can opt out of the action.Yes, it's going to cost some difficulties, but it is the number two option solutions.So, the situation is not hopeless.


You might think that if the problem is one solution, it is impossible to assign a characteristic under discussion.But we should remember that desperate situations called so not because of a lack of solutions, but because of the lack of freedom in the process of trying to improve the situation.It turns out the assignment of the status of this state of affairs a little bit complicated.That is the situation in general without making the situation inevitably action in one design - a hopeless situation.

Emotions interfere

However, we must remember that the evaluation of human problems are often difficult to negative emotional perception.For example, it was found that poor people tend to take the worst financial decisions, if necessary, decide on an unplanned spending money.Negative emotional perception of a deteriorating situation several times.And intelligence decision makers fell on a few dozen items.Therefore, it is important to learn to work with emotions in difficult situations.

subjectivism obscures

also necessarily need to be aware that you can not see the situation the way around.And it is quite possible that no notice of additional features output.Therefore, if you are too frequent "hopeless situation", it is necessary to get a few friends who can help with the analysis of the situation.

little more psychology

And remember that the course of action begins "in the head."Therefore it is not so easy to solve the problem if you have already mentally defeated.Of course, this does not mean that you have to build a fairy tale method of positive thinking and try it to believe it.Leave it to gullible fans of esoterica.But do not give up too soon.According to statistics, in difficult situations often triggered the third or fourth solution, provided that the person does not give up.But to do this, do not cease active operations!