Span of control - the main indicator of a successful organization

span of control - a definition that characterizes a number of employees who report directly to the head.At the same time this concept set of linear delegation of powers.


Technically span of control is reflected in the decision of the supreme leader of the adoption of the report of each employee instead of creating the structure of commands.A striking example is the organization of high school football team where the coach calls the players from the bench.As a result it is senior management is responsible for the successful implementation of the tasks and the number of supervisors does not matter, it is inherent in the existence of a strong incentive to preserve as much as possible control.Often, in practice, everything looks a little different - the span of control is held to a low level is difficult, making the coordination of all of the organization is almost impossible.

The history of this concept

understanding of a large number of leaders of the fact that a sufficiently high rate of control can cause a number of problems that happened in the course of trial and error.

the historical roots of this concept is carried out in Egypt and Israel.Thus, according to the narrative of the book "Exodus," Moses in the derivation of the Israelites from Egypt initially tried to manage on their own.And it is in a period of time he managed.However, as the number of people crossing the desert, it's safe to say that some organization was formed with the occasional disputes between its members.So as soon as Moses had the power to take decisions on various issues of concern, he became a "dive into a routine," which often means working day in day length.Then Moses' father in law, Jethro, gave a definition of such complexity - high span of control.As a solution, he proposed the creation of additional layers of management.Then Moses created the "State of the chiefs" of talented people who are able to judge the people and to report on their decisions to Moses.

optimal span of control

This is a necessary component of successful operation of the enterprise.Most attention has been given to this term by theorists is "administrative" School of Management.We offer a wide enough range in the number of employees.However, the best span of control in the organization - about 10 people.In this modern researches have proved that the value of this index may vary over a wide range.

Determination of the number of subordinates

in determining the optimum number of employees, effectively and directly controlled by the head play an important role such factors: the nature of the tasks performed, the level of management, characteristics of subordinates, as well as the ability of the chief of the organization.Span of control organizations must be kept at a low level.Otherwise, management will not be able to coordinate and monitor the activities, increase the motivation and qualifications of employees.

delegation - a powerful force in ensuring harmony in the organization

Created delegation of obligations and expectations are a powerful factor in ensuring unity of purpose and harmony.Moreover, if the leadership will not be making a concerted effort to assess personality traits and needs of employees, problems may arise and to the head.The delegation is due to effective communication.Leaders are endowed with responsibilities for the implementation of which are responsible subordinate.However, for high-quality assignments subordinate leader must understand what he wants.The delegation is also associated with leadership, influence and motivation.

addressing issues related to the control, directly depends on the efficiency of the feedback.Attention should be paid is the free exchange of information between the company's employees, as well as high credibility and management skills of the manager.

Therefore, delegation of authority can be effective under the following conditions:

- slave knows and understands what duties he passed;

- subordinate not obey the instructions of the head of another without the knowledge of his immediate superior;

- defined clear objectives with the terms of assignments to achieve them;

- participate directly in the selection of the head of the direction of solving the problems should be minimal.

listed components delegation timidly used by persons who have recently received a promotion.Indeed, the head of that sorts correspondence independently and secretary while bored in others can only cause regret.