Lessons astromineralogii: which stones are suitable Capricorn woman

Capricorn - winter sign, earth sign, its magical power, wisdom, stability, special natural energy.At the same time, being between Sagittarius and Aquarius, he feels the influence of such volatile moving elements like fire and air.This affects the character of the people belonging to the Capricorn, and those stones-talismans, which are able to change the direction of their lives.

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Before we talk about what the stones are suitable Capricorn woman is to find out what is typical for this sign.After all, every stone has its own definite purpose, because they have to choose wisely, based on the Astro-psychological parameters of personality.Otherwise, instead of compatibility and precious minerals help bring continuous harm.So Capricorns - people in good faith to the delicacy.Well, if they promised to do something, you will cope as best as possible in a short time.Words in the wind drops, refer to the task very seriously.They are both practical, businesslike, hardy and dreamy, romantic, nature, subtle, delicate.Conservatives and realists, they believe in the power of eternal values, family ties and friendships.Tradition, a well-established way of life are important to them both in the home and in the workplace.More can say that Capricorns - people living mind, interested in technology, politics, music, members of the subtleties and nuances of what would become their hobby.They love the craft and crafts, outdoor recreation, contact with extraordinary people and a variety of joys of life.Equally, all the above applies to both male and female sex.And now more: what manner of stones fit Capricorn woman.

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Kozerozhki decorated

  • Astrologers believe that one of the main mascots for Capricorn is a ruby.Royal stone unique beauty had won worldwide admiration he awakens in a woman's spiritual vision, intuition, the ability to predict the events of their own and other people's lives.Therefore, if you are born under this sign are fond of esoteric and develop their psychic abilities, be sure to Get a ring with a ruby.You will feel as increase your capabilities and abilities thanks to the beneficial power of the stone.In addition, such a talisman will protect you from bad influence, the evil eye and other negative influences from the outside.
  • following answer to the question about what the stones are suitable Capricorn A woman is: Onyx.Necklaces, rings, brooches, beads with onyx recommended to wear ladies for gaining wisdom, tranquility, mental tranquility, peace of mind.Kozerozhki become more responsible, prudent, wise, if you will often wear jewelry with this stone, especially if you want to build a successful career and family life.Onyx will help them realize their ambitions variety and sort out your problems.
  • What stones are suitable Capricorn woman more?Malachite.This fun, cheerful rock with a pleasant, soothing, pleasing the eye coloring familiar to us from childhood through famous tales Bazhov.Disappointed in life, in his dreams, he will gain ground, to believe in themselves a better future.It is a stone optimists and love for life and his great positive energy encouraging, forcing wipe the tears from laughing in spite of setbacks and striding forward to a happy tomorrow.
  • very useful stone for Capricorn Women - obsidian.Like the ruby, it includes its protective properties, protecting both the hostess from the harmful effects of the dark forces of the subtle world and the world around you.Obsidian balances leads to a certain balance between the objectives and the woman put the necessary effort to achieve.As a result, it saves a lot of energy and health while meeting many of its "hotelok."
  • What more can be said about what jewels are suitable Capricorns?A lot of them.This diamond and rhinestone and pearl black, and many others.They are all beautiful in their own way, and can assist in certain situations.The main thing - to know which of them can be worn all the time, and which - to put on from time to time.


Someone believes in arcane magic stones, some not so.For some, they are just beautiful decoration, for others - the conductors in a special world - the world of the unknown, the unknown.