Aries: characteristics of the zodiac sign from different angles


open zodiac Aries, the sign of the zodiac symbolizes the beginning.They were the first, and therefore the most courageous, active and energetic.It is believed that the zodiacal circle symbolically represents a certain way, and this way start Aries - tireless, sincere, trusting and childishly naive.Aries features similar to the flash of a supernova, because it symbolizes the birth of something new.Aries inherent leadership skills and self-confidence.The main task of Aries - to begin to encourage others to take action.

fiercely MARS

no planets can not do any one characteristic sign.Aries thinks his patron planet Mars, who took their name from the Roman god of war.It gives all members of the Mars sign Aries activity, initiative, assertiveness, aggression and conflict.The energy of Mars in something similar to the energy of the sun, but it has a more militant character.Mars rules the fire, wars, accidents and injuries.

male energy

Traditionally, there is a division in the zodiac signs into male (Yin) and female (yang) signs.Aries, characteristics that relate to their male sign, directed "outward" into the world, they are active and aimed at gaining new experiences.These people have a solid outlook, they are not subject to the influence of others, their own decisions.

fire element

According to the concepts underlying the astrological teachings, all phenomena are a combination of elements such as fire, earth, air and water.From this point of view are described and belonging to the fire element Aries.Characteristics of the fire element bright and energetic ideological.People Rozhen "fiery", passionate and ardent, active and impulsive, they seek power.From all the fire signs Aries differ direct escalating energy initial pulse breakthrough explosion.


addition elements, the basis for the classification are the cardinal, fixed and mutable quality.Aries is a cardinal sign, along with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.Radically different qualities such as the ability to start new businesses and the pursuit of actions that are described and Aries.Characteristics of cardinal signs is in the independence, autonomy, inability to bring the follow through.


bright side of nature have all the signs of the zodiac, are no exception, and Aries.Characteristic of this zodiac sign provides such positive side of it, as a commitment, integrity, energy, stubborn.Aries - good friends and passionate lovers.They are noble and child-caring.In addition, they are cheerful, impulsive, hot.


The negative character traits Aries include excessive selfishness, rudeness, eccentric and aggressiveness.Aries may be superficial and irrational, to be influenced by the momentum and fury.Besides the representatives of this sign tend to be unwise to expend their energy.