How close map "Tinkoff"?

In modern conditions of life, it often happens that the needs and desires of the individual not entirely correspond to its financial capabilities.What to do?Reborrow shortfall with friends?Or postpone the purchase until better times?Very rescue us in such moments credit card.

What is a credit plastic card?

It is a modern financial instrument is a plastic bank card with a certain amount of accumulated on it.The Bank provides a limit within which the cardholder can pay for their purchases, and services received.The size limit is determined individually and depends, as a rule, from the earnings of the card and its credit history.

Modern credit cards, such as, for example, a credit card, "Tinkoff", are simple design and ease of use.Thanks to this tool is no longer able to borrow from friends and relatives or to apply for a bank loan.But it should be understood that the funds on the credit card - borrowed, and they are subject to mandatory return.

About the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems┬╗

history of the Bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems" (hereinafter TCS) begins in 1994.Then the credit institution was called "Himmashbank."Renamed the bank was in 2006, when it acquired the well-known entrepreneur Oleg Tinkoff.

TCS Bank - the first bank in Russia to completely abandon the branches (except for the central office in Moscow).All operations are performed remotely: by telephone or on the Internet.

Operators hour technical support will answer questions with regards to banking, talk about the services of the bank and advise on any other emerging issues.For example, you are at any time can learn how to open and how to close a credit card, "Tinkoff".

most popular cards of the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems┬╗

TCS Bank issues the following credit cards:

- "Tinkoff Platinum" - one of the most popular maps of the bank that provides the holder of a credit limit of up to 300 000 rubles.Making purchases on time and returning funds cardholder pays no interest (the interest-free period of use - up to 55 days).For more information on how to get or how to close the card, "Tinkoff", you will learn later in this article.

- ALL Airlines - card designed especially for lovers of overseas leisure travel.The credit limit for this card - up to 700 000 rubles.If you often use the services of airlines, is a credit card for you.Making purchases of airline tickets and any other purchases all over the world, users accumulate bonus miles that can be spent on other purchases.Next, we'll talk about how to open and how to close the card, "Tinkoff".

Other bank's credit card TCS

- One Two Trip - card offering discounts on the purchase of airline tickets.With every purchase of a map user bonuses (1% of its value).Bonuses can be spent at any time you wish.In addition, the cardholder One Two Trip offers free travel insurance.

- "Classmates" - card designed for users of the popular social networks.If you are an active user of "Classmates", this card is for you!It features its individual design.For you may be issued a personal card with a photo.Also, when paying your purchases with the card, you are charged the Oka, which you can spend in your favorite social network.The credit limit is 300 000 rubles.

a credit card

cardholders of Bank of TCS can be in two ways:

  1. Fill in the online application form on the official website of the bank.This process usually takes less than 5 minutes.Site navigation is simple and convenient.By filling out the form, you can close the site.Card "Tinkoff" after the approval of the requested loan will bring you to your home free of charge and at any time.
  2. If you find in your mailbox offer from TCS to design a credit card, you can also get it by following the instructions.You need to sign a letter sent to the documents and putting photocopy of your passport, to send back to the bank.Credit card will be delivered to you at that address.

After receiving the card you must activate it.It's enough to call the call center and following the instructions of voice service, to receive PIN-code.Now the card can be used.

Can you close a credit card, "Tinkoff"?

Opening Card TCS - a simple process.Simply complete the application form on the website and wait for confirmation.What about closing?Did you become a card is no longer needed, and you decide to give it up.How to do it right and do not stay in debt from the bank?

information about closing a credit card is usually always smaller.Most often, the holder need to just come to the bank branch and ask the consultant.But what if the bank is working remotely?After all, "Tinkoff Credit Systems" has representative offices in Russian cities.

turns out that it is impossible to close the map?Not at all!Remember how you opened it.Remotely.Therefore, the card "Tinkoff" may also be closed, ie. E. Line.This procedure is simple and accessible to everyone.

line-closing cards TCS

If the credit card has become a you no longer need, do not rush to throw it to the back burner.It is important to first close the card.Otherwise, even without using it, you can accumulate a debt owed to the bank.It is not just about the annual fee for the card maintenance.To your account can be connected to additional services.For example, SMS-notification or insurance.

How close map "Tinkoff" on the Internet?It is not difficult.First you need to make sure that you do not have debts to the bank.To do this, simply call the call center or check your account via internet banking.

In the absence of outstanding loans, you can at any time to terminate the card.Call the operator and inform of its intention.Be prepared for the fact that the employee call center will ask you to tell him your passport details and the code word cards.

But you can do in a different way.In our age of information technologies use the Internet banking.Lock the card in your account, and then contact the call center and ask to terminate the contract.

Features Closing card

you decide to close the loan account and already know how.Close map "Tinkoff" (apply for closing) is possible at any time.But it is understood that it will not block immediately on the same day.It will be necessary to wait a certain period in which your application for closing the account will be considered, and the absence of debt verified.You also need to pay the remaining debt, which could occur during the consideration of the application to close.

received confirmation from the operator to close the account, check the status in your account.Dispose of the credit card, "Tinkoff" you can own.

It should be noted that the service of remote closure, despite its convenience - a rare phenomenon among Russian banks.The bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems" - one of the few financial institutions that provide it.