Participant - is an economic category

Depositor - a contributor, a subject who has given the deposit of the thing or who has made a different value to deposit a certain state institution.For the first time the word appeared in the second half of the 19th century in the German language in the sense of "delayed".

History of the term "depositor┬╗

As a modern economic concepts contributor - is a business entity, which are owned by the funds placed on deposit temporarily in another subject.This concept is at the end of the 20th century, has acquired a slightly different meaning.

basic meaning of "depositor┬╗

A worker - an individual - who has not received within a specified time frame in the employment contract wages.A more complete definition - is a person who has not received timely payment due to him and other cash income.For example, the depositor is represented by wage workers and employees who have not received on time (within three days) they accrued income (wages).Also, it can be a person against whom have been made pursuant to certain withholding of certain documents of the judiciary.

If we turn to other languages, the word "contributor" in translation from English - a depositor.Therefore, it is safe to assume that depositors and depositor traced the etymology of common and similar content.Thus, these two notions are identical in the economic aspect.

new meaning of the word "depositor┬╗

There is another definition of "depositor" - it's just a card for an employee who has not received his salary accrued.This term is often used when determining the amount of money that a business entity is not paid within the prescribed period to conclude the contract.

often used in everyday life and a concept - the depositary.In this case, the depositor - a person who uses the services provided by the depositary with regard to the storage of the securities or of rights to such securities.

deposited wages

Since the most common meaning of the depositor associated with obtaining salary dwell on this sphere of economic activity.Any reader may argue that the current payment of wages carried out with plastic cards at ATMs.However, consideration of the depositor in this case can be carried out in the theoretical aspect.

Thus, the presence at the box office of any institution "live" cash in excess of the limits set by law and the regulatory procedure is allowed only in the days when carried out payment.When such situations arise, when for some reason, not all employees can receive money within three days, the remaining amount should be deposited.Thus deposited salary does not have any effect on the amount of tax payments, estimated from wages as all fees and taxes are calculated at the time of its accrual.

Russian legislation a special term of payment of wages declared to be deposited, is not installed.Therefore, when the need arises to receive a salary to the accounting officer drawn to the corresponding statement in writing or orally.At the same time the payment of the wages carried out without the "anchor" to the days of the payment, since the employee is entitled to receive it anyway.

However, the procedure for payment of this kind must be resolved in the employment or collective agreement.This will avoid labor disputes and violations of the rights of employees in any enterprise.