Why fall flowers have tomatoes?

What could be easier than to grow tomatoes in the garden.So many people think who only superficially familiar with all the nuances of the case.It would seem, planted seedlings, settled down, started to grow, the first ovary.But then, without good reasons start to fall off the ovary.What happened and why fall flowers have tomatoes?Let's try to understand.

Causes and consequences of improper care


It can be either too low (less than 10 degrees) or too high (more than 30).The optimum temperature - 15 degrees at night and 28 degrees during the day.Very noticeable changes in temperature may be the main reason why the flowers fall from the tomatoes.In places where most plants are susceptible to such extremes, you should use the greenhouse.Maybe even with independent heating.


its sharp fluctuations can also adversely affect the ovary of tomato.For as little as possible to ask the question of why the flowers fall from tomatoes, vacationers should monitor the amount and frequency of watering.In the case of greenhouses - do not forget to ventilate the soil to remove excess moisture.


Many people know that the lack of illumination for plants and is fatal.Given the lack of light the plant stops growing and throws flowers.This is especially true early in the morning, because after a cool night plant could freeze slightly, it needs light to keep warm.


main thing - to know when to stop.You should not "throw" an excessive amount of plant fertilizer.This is especially true of manure.In this case, the plant will just grow and take each other's light.

Another reason why the flowers fall from tomatoes, is the frequency of the planted trees.If the plants are planted too close to each other, between them there is a struggle for light.So, all the flowers were cast down are empty, and the top will be longer than normal ripening period.

What should be done to avoid the above problems

necessary to pre-select the place where you want to place the tomatoes.It is important that such a place uniformly illuminate the sunlight during the day.It is also worth remembering that there are different kinds of tomatoes, for example, low-growing varieties is better to plant in areas that are closer to the sun.There are times when novice gardeners have not yet faced with a problem, not interested in the question of why the tomatoes fall flowers.These plants bloom profusely, but they do not realize that it is - a huge load on the root system and that soon, unable to cope with so many flowers, they just dump them.There is already a need to resort to the timely rehabilitation of tomatoes.You just need to shake the plants daily.The extra colors simply disappear, and the load will be reduced.For those people who want to grow tomatoes at home, these tips are also useful as care for them at home it is not much different from that which is carried out when grown in open ground.