Wood ash as a fertilizer - an indispensable tool in the garden and the garden

product of burning any wood can be used for fertilizing acid and neutral soils.Because of the high percentage of phosphorus and potassium, he is perfect for dressing vegetables, shrubs and fruit trees.In addition, wood ash (composition) contains iron, zinc, calcium, sulfur, and therefore used for growing ornamental plants.
it is known that berries react negatively to the fertilizer containing chlorine.Substitutes such compounds to accelerate growth and enhance fruiting currants, strawberries and raspberries can be wood ash as a fertilizer.It works seamlessly with the family Cucurbitaceae, to whom to include cucumbers, squash and zucchini.Adding to the well for a couple of tablespoons of ash during transplanting cabbage in the open ground will protect it from blackleg and clubroot - diseases that are very susceptible to this culture.For tomatoes, peppers and eggplant wood ash as fertilizer is brought to 3 tablespoons per well.While digging the beds for the pumpkin crop it spread on the soil surface of one glass per square meter, and in the areas where you plan to plant nightshade - 3 cups in the same area.

to increase yields of cherries and plums, wood ash as fertilizer is not used more than once in three years.It is distributed in the dry state and to evenly dug groove with a depth of 10-15 cm around the tree.For this treatment, it takes approximately 2 kg per plant or bucket solution (2 cups of dry composition per 10 liters of water).After that, the groove covered with earth.In the same way it is done fertilizing wood ash black currant bushes.On one bush it is necessary to take three glasses.

Standard fertilizer composition in liquid form is prepared from the calculation of 100-150 g of ash per 10 liters (a bucket) of water.To avoid the formation of sludge, the solution should be stirred continuously.For tomatoes, cabbage and cucumber enough pour 500 ml of sol-aqueous composition per plant.

excellent way of protecting a powdering.The measure is preventive in nature and protects against diseases and pests.This procedure is best done early in the morning until the leaves have dew.This helps to consolidate the sol on the surface thereof.If for some reason dusting may be carried out only during the day, before the beginning of its foliage should be sprayed with plain water.

Wood ash is used as a fertilizer and as a liquid spray.To do this, sifted the ashes of 300 g pour hot water and then boil for about half an hour, remove from heat, drain and defend.The broth is mixed with a bucket of water and 40-50 grams of soap.Spraying is carried out in the evening, provided that on that day there was no precipitation.

If you pour a little bit of ash around the plants that suffer from snails and slugs, that after some time they leave the site.While digging the garden with severe soil product of burning wood is made in the autumn, for the sandy loam - in the spring.