Hen: the breed and their characteristics

hallmarks of chicken egg breeds can be called a lightweight, dense plumage and well-developed comb and earrings.The contours of the body most of these birds look like a triangle, the apex directed to the head and base of the tail.In households can be seen as pure-bred chickens and hybrid.The last has the highest egg production - up to 300 units per year.This is the most cost-effective hen.Leghorn and Minorca little behind them.A distinctive feature of hybrids is that their offspring never inherit their qualities.

Leghorn considered the most common breed of egg hens in the world.They stand out endurance and precocity.Weight chicken can reach up to 2 kg, the cock - up to 2.7 kg.Egg production of this species is 220-250 eggs per year.It is very mobile and adapts well to different climatic conditions, hens.Species ovigerous hens generally differ endurance and unpretentious.Colouring of plumage from Leghorn may vary.The most common white birds, but some farms can be seen black, yellow, kuropatchatyh and others.

Minorca - laying hens, a photo of which you can see on the right (chicken), and bottom (cock) were otselektsionirovany specifically forIn order to obtain the eggs of large size.They come in both black and yellow, and white.One chicken can carry for the year to 180 eggs, and their weight reaches '70 distinctive feature minorok be called lobes white and bright red comb.

hen breed which ranked as egg production, reach sexual maturity quickly.Trot they start as early as 4-5 months.At the age of ten months, this process reaches its peak.Next egg production gradually begins to decline.Four-five-year chicken are already considered uneconomic, and slaughtered for meat.

age of laying hens is of great importance, therefore, getting the birds to your farm, be sure to pay attention to this factor.In addition, it is best not to buy yet purebred birds and hybrids.Although they have to buy each time anew, as appropriate progeny can not be obtained from them, they are more cost-effective and beneficial in terms of breeding to obtain eggs.

Of all the cross-bred (so-called hybrid chickens) can be identified Lohman Brown.Hens of this breed can carry up to 310 eggs a year.In addition, young cross differs extraordinary endurance and resistance to various diseases.Out it can reach up to 98%.The plumage of chickens cross has one distinctive feature - a weekly aged males little white and fawn hens.

Currently, many truckers attracted to this bird - hen.Breed, otselektsionirovannye on egg production, extremely popular.At most this is due unpretentious and endurance of these chickens.In most cases, caring for them takes a lot less time and effort than poultry meat production.